February 11, 2007

Uinterrupted flow of the Mind of Light in the physical

Re: 04: Now her Life Shared the Cosmic Load by RY Deshpande on Sat 10 Feb 2007 08:06 PM PST Profile Permanent Link
When did this happen? Did it happen on 5 December 1950, at 1.26 am? When Sri Aurobindo withdrew from his physical, there was the uninterrupted flow of the Mind of Light in the physical of the Mother, even as she could feel the friction of its passage. The Mind of Light is the Physical receiving the Supramental and it got established in her at that moment. It became the basis of her luminous and active dynamism ever since.
Is Savitri’s “This was the day when Satyavan must die” the same as Amal Kiran’s “divine Aurobindo died”? Possibly so, but probably not; the answer is less of ‘yes’ than ‘no’. One is designedly set in the Transcendent while the other is a Yogi’s definitive step in the process of working out things. Satyavan’s death is a necessary condition for Savitri’s occult-yogic work to make it sufficient. Sri Aurobindo’s death was not fixed in the Transcendent, though later it became a part of the Transcendent; in an act of supreme sacrifice it was fixed by Sri Aurobindo himself. Who can plunge into the depth of its mystery? But we can aspire to live and grow in it. RYD

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