May 19, 2007

Consciousness and Creativity

Glimpses of Vedantism in Sri Aurobindo's Political Thought by Samar Basu: Published by Sri Mira Trust; Pondicherry, India. Pp 73 (Book Review) International Journal of Humanities and Peace, January, 2002 by Reddy, Ananda
Samar Basu's attempts at bringing out the Vedantic ideals in Sri Aurobindo's political thought only confirms that with Sri Aurobindo "spirituality explained politics and politics fulfilled itself in spirituality". All along his brief political engagement, Sri Aurobindo's life was based on spirituality of which politics was only an outer expression. And the underlying realization of this spirituality was the Vedanfic ideal...
Giants of Modern Hinduism - Part 1: Aurobindo
A Listmania! list by A_Rama Rao "Rama" (Morgantown, WV USA)
1. Search for the Soul in Everyday Living by The Mother
2. Sri Aurobindo and His Yoga by M.P. Pandit
3. The Meeting of the East and the West: in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy by S.K. Maitra
4. The Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo by Satyajyoti Chakravarty
5. The Essential Aurobindo: Writings of Sri Aurobindo by Aurobindo
6. Powers Within by Aurobindo
7. Glimpses of Vedantism in Sri Aurobindo's political thought by Samar Basu
8. Psychic Being (Soul: Its Nature, Mission, Evolution) by Aurobindo
9. Essays on the Gita by Aurobindo
10. Life Divine - U.S. Edition by Aurobindo
11. Consciousness and Creativity: A Study of Sri Aurobindo, T.S. Eliot and Aldous Huxley by Sumita Roy
12. Sri Aurobindo on Himself by Aurobindo
13. Sri Aurobindo and Vedanta philosophy by Sheojee Pandey
14. Integral Yoga: Sri Aurobindo's Teaching & Method of Practice by Aurobindo
15. La Bhagavad-Gîtâ : Extraits des essais sur la Gîta by Aurobindo Ghose
16. Secret of the Veda, New U.S. Edition by Aurobindo
17. Bhagavad Gita and Its Message by Sri Aurobindo
18. The Mother with Letters on the Mother (Guidance from Sri Aurobindo) by Aurobindo
19. The Upanishads, 1st US Edition by Aurobindo
20. The Mother - US Edition by Aurobindo
21. Growing Within: Psychology of Inner Development by Aurobindo
22. Adisankara and Sri Aurobindo by V. Narayan Karan Reddy

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