October 09, 2007

The Kshatriya, Aryaman, and Mahakali

She is Mahakali, goddess of the supreme strength, and with her are all mights and spiritual force and severest austerity of Tapas and swiftness to the battle and the victory and the laughter, the aţţahāsya, that makes light of defeat and death and the powers of the ignorance: Location: Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > Synthesis Of Yoga Volume-21 > Faith And Shakti
The Divine is in its own being pure and perfect power and in us the eternal upward tendency in things to their source and truth; Aryaman brings to us this mighty strength and perfectly-guided happy inner upsurging.
... many-charioted Aryaman in the movement and all-discerning force of Tapas; Page – 444 Location: Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > The Secret Of The Veda Volume-10 > The Guardians Of The Light
The honour of the Kshatriya which lives in courage, chivalry, strength, a certain proud self-restraint and self-mastery, nobility of character and the obligations of that 'nobility; Document: Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > Social And Political Thought Volume-15 > The Cycle Of Society

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