October 29, 2007

There is every need to ‘revisit’ the entire Vedic literature

Saturday October 27 2007 12:38 IST Express News Service
TIRUPATI: There is every need to ‘revisit’ the entire Vedic literature to derive from it those insights and clues which can clarify more and more luminously the various concepts which have played a great role in making Indian philosophy profound and sublime intellectually, even more practically fruitful, Indian Philosophical Congress vice-chairperson Kireet Joshi has said.
Inaugurating the 82nd session of Indian Philosophical Congress (IPC) here on Friday, he said Indian philosophy was so profound because of its Vedic roots. The vitality of the force of Vedas generating new ideas and new streams flowing, constantly enriching the Indian philosophy holding it high even in the face of western philosophy.
“Despite a large space being devoted to the exposition of the Vedas and Vedic knowledge in PHISPC (Project of History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in the Indian Civilisation) there is a need to visit once again the entire Vedic literature to answer some of the most important issues of contemporary philosophy” he added.
Presiding over the meeting, SV University Vice-Chancellor S Jayarami Reddy said scientific relevance of Indian philosophy was felt now more than ever before in the existing global scenario of growing violence, extremism, fundamentalism, injustice, inequality and religious and political conflicts. “The search for wisdom should have been the better solution for these vexing problems and present predicaments” he said.
Stating that the concepts of Vedas and Vedic seers emphasising harmony, peaceful co-existences and universal brotherhood were invaluable contribution to humanity, Reddy said the United Nations declaring Gandhiji’s birthday as ‘World Non-violence Day’ established the fact that Indian philosophy was the only solution to conflict resolution in the strife-torn world. IPC general president Bijayanand Kar and local secretary of the congress B Sambasiva Prasad also spoke. SOUTHERN NEWS - ANDHRA PRADESH Oct 29, 2007

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