November 18, 2007

Sri Aurobindo conceived of the entire material universe moving progressively towards a supra mental divinized state

Kurzweil and 20th century science fiction writers are not alone in conceiving of a universal consciousness as the universe's ultimate teleology. Many emanationistic philosophers have historically entertained a similar idea that the purpose of the material universe, which emanated from God is the actual creation and reunification of the Universe as God. The great Persian polymath Avicenna, speculated that if the universe cannot have an infinite past and cannot last for an infinite amount of time, there must be some first cause and some final end. Since God was the first cause and creator of the universe, God must also be the final cause and ender of the universe, lest the future go on and on infinitely. He therefore hypothesized that the universe was ultimately moving towards a final teleological end, involving the union of all material with God.
The Hindu mystic and evolutionary philosopher Sri Aurobindo wrote a detailed account of how this mystical process would come about. In his magnum opus, The Life Divine, Aurobindo conceived of the entire material universe moving progressively towards a supra mental divinized state, in which all matter would become transcendently conscious, allowing for the creation of an infinite unitary truth-conscious or Supermind; simultaneously transcendent and omni powerful.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French Jesuit trained as a philosopher and a paleontologist, conceived of a similar notion of orthogenetic(progress driven) evolution leading to an ultimate teleological goal which he called the Omega Point. For Chardin, the universe as a whole progressively moves towards more complex and simultaneously more conscious states by a means that he calls the Law of Complexity/Consciousness...
For all these philosophers, an omniprescient, omnipowerful supermind is the teleological end of all technological, spiritual, and biological development. With man's place in the universe rapidly changing due to unabated technological development, it behooves us to be mindful of science's warnings of a long expected technological singularity, as well as God's warnings of an ultimate and final end. Posted by Ryan at 3:34 PM

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