November 22, 2007

A sustained and all comprehending effort at spiritual self-evolution

Sri Aurobindo & Divine Mother
Sri Aurobindo was born in Calcutta on August 15,1872. In His life time, he wrote a number of books explaining the process of the descent of higher levels of consciousness and the way they would transform life and consciousness upon earth eventually. In his efforts, he was assisted greatly by the Mother who came originally from France. Sri Aurobindo left this world on December 5th, 1950. The Mother continued his work in the earthly plane till she passed away in the seventies. In this section we are presenting a few essays and writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother for our reader's benefit.

The Bhagavad Gita
The religion which embraces Science and faith, Theism, Christianity, Mohamedanism and Buddhism and yet is none of these, is that to which the World-Spirit moves.
All religions have saved a number of souls, but none yet has been able to spiritualize mankind. For that there is needed not cult and creed, but a sustained and all comprehending effort at spiritual self-evolution.
Vedanta says rather, "Man, thou art of one nature and substance with God, one soul with thy fellow-men. Awake and progress then to thy utter divinity, live for God in thyself and in others." This gospel which was given only to the few, must now be offered to all mankind for its deliverance.
There are two works that are perfectly pleasing to God in His servant; to sweep in silent adoration His temple floors and to fight in the world's battle-field of His divine consummation in humanity.
God's servant is something; God"s slave is greater.
Our ideal is not the spirituality that withdraws from life but the conquest of life by the power of the spirit. -Sri Aurobindo
Reincarnating soul
Thoughts and glimpses
The Upanishads
The Vedas
Fate and free will
The spiritual aim of life
Man and the battle of life
Nature of super mind
Sri Aurobindo on yoga
The philological method of the Veda
The Process of evolution
Puranas, Tantras
The superman
The supramental sense
The Yoga and its objects
Yoga is Skill in works
Prayers and Meditations
The Visions of the Mother
Divine Thoughts from the Divine Mother
Sri Aurobindo on Astrology
The strength of stillness
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