December 20, 2007

A century back at Surat

January 28 -February 12
Write "Prince of Edur" (a play). Live at Calcutta with his wife. sister and two party men at 48 Gray Street /now Sri Aurobindo Sarani/.

Deportation of two main agitators of the party. Inhibition of the meetings for four days.

June 02
First issue of Bande Mataram.

June 05
Warning of editor Bande Mataram from the Government.

June 14
Trip to Khulna for a foundation of National School.

June 30 -October 13
Publications of Persens the Deliverer at Bande Mataram.

July 30
Perquisition at Bande Mataram office

August 02
Forsake his post of rector of the National College.

August 15
A warrant on Sri Aurobindo as a redactor of Bande Mataram.
Sri Aurobindo
August 23
A Speech for students of Bengal National College.
Sri Aurobindo
September 23
Sri Aurobindo was held not guilty on case against Bande Mataram. Sri Aurobindo acquired distinction.
Sri Aurobindo
Lived at house at Chukoo Khunsanse's Lane.

October 24
Trip to Deoghar.

December 07-09
Bengal Regional Conference at Midnapore. Sri Aurobindo addressed to a meeting as leader of Nationalists. It is a peak of discordance wit Moderates. Extremists left this conference and at 8 December hold the meeting chaired by Sri Aurobindo. It was the first time when they got together as a separate party.

December 14
The first public speech at Beadon Square, Calcutta.

December 21
The trip to Surat (most moderate city) for a session of Indian National Congress through Khipagpore (fires, crowds, speeches). Trip without pomp - there were few who knew him by sight.

December 22
Meeting at Nagpore.

Surat. 2 meetings chaired by Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo
Leaders of Natianalists
December 26
The first day of Session.
At Surat
December 27
Incident (by instructions of Sri Aurobindo who tried not allow Moderates' success) and wrecking of the Session.

December 28
Moderates signed up Convention. Sri Aurobindo direct not join to it. Meeting of Nationalists. Beginning of tightened repressions against them.

December 31
From Surat to Baroda.
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