December 29, 2007

The innermost being is more causally efficacious than the unconscious

Causal Efficacy: Mind Over Matter Posted on Dec 28th, 2007 by Eric
The level of Mind alone is just not enough to do the job. The levels of Soul and Spirit, however, are capable of acting as powerful attractor fields that overcome the problems and illusions of the lower levels, and they do this by virtue of being the Reality of what is, to which there is no actual opposite.
Sri Aurobindo, who witnessed the beginnings of psychoanalysis (and was, in fact, a contemporary of Freud's), advised his students to first become intimate with the innermost being (i.e., Soul) before attempting to tackle the unconscious impulses. In his view, the innermost being was more causally efficacious than the unconscious, and was thus needed to be contacted in order to prevent the mind from being overwhelmed by the unconscious. All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2007 Eric Thompson Access: Public Add Comment Print Send views (6) Tagged with: great chain of being, integral theory, psychology, evolution, biology, physics, scientific dogma, Aurobindo, the unconscious, science of consciousness, attention, neuroscience, holarchy, cognitive behavior therapy

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