December 13, 2014

Sri Aurobindo as a poet, scholar, and thinker

How to benefit from Sri Aurobindo

Tusar Nath Mohapatra at Savitri Era 
Left or Right, Centre or Subaltern; Sri Aurobindo is the most sought after voice to cut through theoretical confusion 1. How to benefit from Sri Aurobindo is a complex topic but a few tips can be of help to those with open mind and tons of curiosity to learn. 2. The basic requirement is to be aware about Sri Aurobindo's life history in brief and remember the names of major books authored by him. 3. To look at Sri Aurobindo as a poet, scholar, and thinker at the outset is more profitable than as a Freedom fighter or Spiritual teacher. 4. Synthesising ancient and mo... more »

Ontology is a moot point if you are a theist

elisa freschi at The Indian Philosophy Blog 
A philosopher might end up having a double affiliation, to the philosophical standpoints shared by one’s fellow philosophers, and to the religious program of one’s faith. This can lead to difficult reinterpretations (such as that of Christ with the Neoplatonic Continue reading →

Sri Aurobindo and Yogi Vishnu Bhaskar Lele

Jitendra Sharma at Savitri Era Devotees 
(Sri Aurobindo and yogi Lele shut themselves away in house of  Khaserao Jarvi not letting anybody know it. [January 1908,  Baroda] Lele said to Sri Aurobindo to silent down his mind and  doing this Sri Aurobindo got realisation of silent Brahman.) (Here, in January 1908, Sri Aurobindo got fundamental  realisation of silent Brahman.)

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