December 29, 2014

Brand new fabric that rapidly changing present is weaving

Unique Nationalist & Nonpartisan comments on current affairs in the light of Sri Aurobindo's insights at Savitri Era:
[Dear @searchforlight please help us reach this message to larger public through a RT: Who harassed whom?]
[are we willing to help build a better tomorrow or bent on tearing the brand new fabric that rapidly changing present is weaving around us?]
[Sri Aurobindo took some of his ideas and critical terms from Arnold, Coleridge and Keats - by VK Dwivedi]
[Sri Aurobindo’s literary judgments matched Coleridge’s and Heine’s in their “piercing and instantaneous insight."]
[Sri Aurobindo talks about both Sanskrit and Tamil (being) derivations of a still more ancient and original language]
[recovering spiritual significance of Vedas is one of the original contributions of Sri Aurobindo to Indian culture.]
[Sayana’s work was a great stumbling block for a true understanding of Vedas. Vedic scholar Kapali Shastriar sums up]
[Suhrawardi, Abhinavagupta and the light by Templeton, Kirk, Ph.D., CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF INTEGRAL STUDIES, 2013]
[It shows the real Sri Aurobindo, a powerful and striking figure, not at all dreamy and idealised Christ-like figure]
[Kashmir Shaivism differs from Neoplatonism in that it is based on a Monistic rather than a Dualistic perspective] AK
[Kabalah and Sufism have the view that Being manifests - similar to neoplatonic philosophy - each real and objective on its own level.]
Sri Aurobindo on the Hindu-Mulsim problem. An extract from A Vision of United India via @kitturd
@AJuglall Sri Aurobindo's 1st dream suggests  new South Asian alignment for unity in subcontinent. Time to move to South Asian Confederation
@AJuglall : time to take stock of Sri Aurobindo's 1st dream; if Hindu Muslim problem was not resolved, there was danger of division again
The Need For Freedom To Develop New Approaches In the Integral Yoga
The Three Stages of the Integral Yoga
Correspondences by Arjava with Sri Aurobindo’s Comment
Baji Prabhu by Shri Aurobindo via @wordpressdotcom #Shivaji
Condemn Vedic aeronautics in science meeting- because condemning something before hearing it out is what science is.
We're always late, argumentative & treat bosses like mai-baap. Expat CEOs on Indian work culture:
Market failures and public policy by Jean Tirole: - thoughts?
[Dewey frequently sounds in advance like Merleau-Ponty.]
[parables, metaphors and stories, mythologies make the members of the group identify with the ideology at core level]
Have you read Friedman on India? Friedman’s critiques on the policies of central planning:
Re-visiting ancient civilisational wisdom via @TheDailyPioneer
Charles Darwin was baffled by the speed with which flowers evolved and spread.
Civilisation is boring, says @GeorgeMonbiot. To live a full life, we must embrace the wild -
The man who implemented Mandal VP Singh deserves Bharat Ratna more than ... - Firstpost  #Yugvani
"Hobby Lobby and the question for religious freedom" — Andrew Koppelman on how law copes with religion: #SCOTUS
"Modernity as a hermeneutic problem" — Thomas Pfau responds to the commentary on Minding the Modern:
Pfau: "My reading challenges recent attempts to claim Hobbes as a precursor of modern liberalism and individualism."
Babasaheb #Ambedkar also goes further and reveals his deep knowledge of the Rig Veda … via
[What do I obtain if I refrain from eating onion (and so on)? - In the case of the Śyena and the Agnīṣomīya rituals,]
Sri Elst's  understanding of Hindu psyche is deeper than that of many Hindus
For the no of responses rec'vd on religion from Left and Right Two Pieces on "Religion"
Dalits who converted to Buddhism, when is VHP doing their #GharWapsi
Under the present dispensation, discriminatory practices against the most vulnerable people may flourish even more
"Hyperboles, half-truths & undeliverable promises hv built a castle of dreams in 2014. 2015 cld be the yr of awakening":
Modi has maintained a stoic silence on the dangerous pronouncements, actions of BJP ideologues
[not meant for the really big guys, chaps like Vivekananda Tilak Gokhale or Sri Aurobindo. We need a different type.]
Dear @SavitriEraParty please help us reach this message to larger public through a RT: Who harassed whom?
5 Lessons You Can Learn From Failure
#Gender equality in india: my wish list for #2015 - excellent post by @mizarcle
Read more on this noxious but oft repeated view here:
Indian Express on the conclave @sarkar_swati 
This is why lack of sleep is destroying your brain
Patriarchy is a dual system, a system in which men oppress women, and in which men oppress themselves and each other.
[men’s patriarchal competition with each other makes use of women as symbols of success, as mediators, as refuges, and as an underclass.]
[others often think he is gay because he is a dancer. The patriarchal connection: if you are not trying to kill other men, you must be gay.]
@Lutyenspundit MEN’S POWER WITH OTHER MEN By Joseph Pleck, PhD males assumed that any romantic attraction they experienced was mutual & amp; assume its mutual !!
@firstpostin carries an excerpt from Ajaz Ashraf's 'The Hour before Dawn':
Good take on a government running on acronyms and alliterations by Ajaz Ashraf via
Much-needed balanced perspective on the unfair, unnecessary, unjustified accusations against Sri Aurobindo Ashram:
[Honouring a personality is not necessarily an endorsement of all of his politics, or being blind to his failures and shortcomings.] ~Hindu
K.Balachander, the Director who created women led cinema before it became a trend:
How movies embraced Hinduism (without you even noticing)
Anuradha Goyal: The Score of my life by Zubin Mehta @anuradhagoyal
The history of religion: "When people begin new religions they pick & choose from materials in available religions"
The Divinisation of Matter- Lurianic Kabbalah, Sri Aurobindo, and the New Physics:  The Divinisation Of Matter...
Misinformed, misguided anti-Ashram protests #FellowshipOfTheAshram
Kancha Ilaiah’s  hatred of the #BhagavadGita exposed.
What writers love about the @womensweb community:
Systems and Methods in the Practice of Yoga
Jean-François Noubel presented in French: "Pioneering Humanity: from the I to the We".
Pioneering Humanity. Listen at:  -
Matrimandir Book Release. Listen at: -
Welcome to Radio Koraput. As you enter the little village of Duruguda in Koraput block, a Bell made of Iron...
Le Corbusier, the original starchitect, is blamed for modernism’s ills. Much of the vitriol is deserved...
Explore the Religion/Ethics page of the BBC - and wander why is Ethics bundled up with religion...
Since the start of the Arab Spring, atheism has become a growing social phenomenon in the region. In his timely...
No reason to claim Jesus existed as it seems there is no mention of him in historical texts
No Meek Messiah: Christianity's, Laws and Legacy
5 reasons to suspect Jesus never existed
Movement against reservation - MAR #MAR #Reservation

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