January 01, 2015

Antecedent, narrative and conceptual frameworks

[In these two pentametric lines Sri Aurobindo has practically written the whole of his Synthesis of Yoga.]
[We can look back at waning year with gratitude for all lessons it taught and for little victories over our nature.]
The Ego-Consciousness and the Divine Consciousness In Yoga
The Inner Guide and Master Of the Integral Yoga
@KausikGy @sarkar_swati @vinod_sharma @prasannavishy @amargov [Excellent introduction to Sri Aurobindo's life -DB]
[there are grounds for constellating Sri Aurobindo with socialistic thinkers in terms of his intellectual preferences]
[Sri Aurobindo’s universalistic description of Hinduism is a pluralism and not an illustration of an inclusivism] ~DB
[Sri Aurobindo had socialistic leanings, though he was averse to any ideological labeling. He stood against both Stalinism and Maoist China]
[rise of Hindutva as identity construct threatens to define exclusivist boundaries of belonging & normative behavior]
[Despite his lifelong interest in religious pluralism, Gandhi had not the leisure to work out a systematic treatise.]
["it is good that if the discipline's rigor is challenged but you can't treat imagination as history," said Mr Mukherjee] @ndtv @ndtvfeed
[Inaugurating the event Vice President Hamid Ansari had cautioned that the attempt to portray "India as a homogenous nation is problematic"]
[As for Baudelaire, Foucault argues that modernity entails both a form of relationship to the present and to oneself]
[Alznauer implies .. the new science of physics inevitably and decisively changed the basic concept of human agency.]
“implicit reason” (John Henry Newman), “background awareness” (Michael Polanyi), “pre-judgment” (Hans-Georg Gadamer)
[there is no obvious consensus as to how to interpret “the transformation of social, political & economic structures in late middle ages.”]
[Minding the Modern is a work of philosophical & theological hermeneutics. It traces will, person, judgment, action]
[Western intellectual culture, from Plato and Aristotle forward into the early nineteenth century.]
[nature of humanistic concepts to straddle the boundaries between a non-contingent truth-value and its historically unstable instantiation.]
[Minding the Modern is to emphasize the costs of self-inflicted conceptual amnesia, .. our intellectual resources today are so impoverished]
[intellectual & philosophical culture of contemporary Judaism strikes me as far more vibrant and meaningfully integrated with its practice.]
[To stipulate that we cannot appraise the thrust and significance of ideas and concepts independent of the historical context supposed to have generated them means preemptively to subordinate philosophical and theological hermeneutics to historical narratives.]
[जब संघमें जातीय आधार पर अनुसूचित या जन जाति वर्ग के लिए अलग जैसी व्यवस्था नहींहै तो भाजपामें अनुसूचित जाति मोर्चा का होना कथनी और करनी में]
भाजपा में अनुसूचित जाति मोर्चा क्यों ? एक पत्र सर संघचालक जी के नाम
[media has freely questioned whether Hindu avatars Rama and Krishna were historic figures, but never the authenticity of Jesus or Mohammad]
[From tomorrow I shall not be making any posting on Another moment has arrived ... thank all my friends] 
[Savitri Bhavan in Auroville is dedicated to fostering Human Unity based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother] -

Deep in us a forgotten kinship points 
And a faint voice of ecstasy & prayer 
Calls to those lucent lost immensities.

For greater clarity, read – Further factual analysis: Episode of the 5 Sisters And please RT to your followers.
@shantprakash Savitri Era steers clear of Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals - Lunching ARYA in 1914, Sri Aurobindo
@sastrychada Visit (SAKSI). They publish the most authentic English books on Vedas & Upanishads. Dr. Kashyap is awesome!
@Vladimir160661: Rig Veda 1.3 part 2: via @YouTube" Sri Aurobindo
More Lights on Yoga by Sri Aurobindo (free ebook) -
[Hundred years ago happened two events which make 1914 a landmark year in the spiritual history of the world.] ~RB
[On 29 March 1914, the Mother met Sri Aurobindo ... triggered the publication of a monthly journal, the Arya.]
Rig Veda, First Hymn to Agni: via @YouTube

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