July 16, 2015

Seven life changing books

By Nikhil Sharma on November 29, 2014 That Eastern thought (Hinduism, Buddhism) have so much depth and awareness of the Self and Consciousness never dawned upon me. I used to and still baulk at rituals and prayers, but Thompson has introduced me to the core thoughts of Eastern philosophy. Thompson has carefully examined different topics like sleep, death, consciousness, awareness, while subjecting them to neurological scrutiny. His own personal beliefs also are apparent many a times and he does an excellent job of introducing seemingly esoteric topics like lucid dreams and Near-death and Out-of-body experiences.

The True Light Of Darkness – July 10, 2015 by James W Jesso (Author)
From the author of Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom (2013) comes a captivating and vulnerable exposé into the dark recesses of the human psyche. This book follows James W. Jesso as he recounts in three of his most turbulent and dark experiences with visionary mushrooms. Through story, he takes us along as he travels through depression, self-loathing, inadequacy and feeling unable to love, and out the other side into confidence, courage, and inspiration.

Cultural Realities of Being: Abstract ideas within everyday lives (Cultural Dynamics of Social Representation) – 29 Oct 2013 by Nandita Chaudhary (Editor), & 2 More
Nandita Chaudhary, S. Anandalakshmy and Jaan Valsiner bring together contributors from the field of cultural psychology to consider how people living within social groups, regardless of how liberal, are guided by collective reality and interconnected with life circumstances. The book discusses experiences and events in the lives of people of Indian cultures covering topics including family, food, pilgrimages, social dynamics and truth, in order to expand the material on human phenomena under the broad frame of cultural psychology.

Stefanie Buchenau offers a rich analysis and reconstruction of the origins of this new discipline in its wider context of German Enlightenment philosophy. Present-day scholars commonly regard Baumgarten's views as an imperfect prefiguration of Kantian and post-Kantian aesthetics, but Buchenau argues that Baumgarten defended a consistent and original project which must be viewed in the context of the modern debate on the art of invention. Her book offers new perspectives on Kantian aesthetics and beauty in art and science.

Making Sense of Heidegger: A Paradigm Shift (New Heidegger Research) – 1 Nov 2014 by Thomas Sheehan (Author)
Sheehan offers a compelling alternative to the classical paradigm that has dominated Heidegger research in the last half-century, as well as a valuable retranslation of the key terms in Heidegger's lexicon. This important book opens a new path in phenomenology that will stimulate dialogue within Heidegger Studies, with philosophers outside the phenomenological tradition, and with scholars in theology, literary criticism and existential psychiatry.

By Elizabeth Inglis - Particularly eye-opening for me are the deeply intelligent descriptions that bring rich new dimensions to familiar concepts such as karma, rebirth, ego, and soul. The authors also make beautiful sense, in a way I haven't quite seen before, of the purpose of life even in the face of deepest suffering, of our collective purpose and potential even in the face of a world that seems to be falling apart. 

Beyond expectations 9 July 2015 By P. Hadden - I didn't expect an easy read. Nothing related to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is. But I'm finding this book both helpful in understanding their yoga and inspiring. I'm feeling that Debashish Banerji himself is a devotee and yogi. Could be wrong, I guess.

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