July 04, 2015

Sri Aurobindo's philosophy has a distinct tilt

[PDF] A Survey of a Process of Language Learning and Teaching at Sri AurobindoInternational Centre of Education, Pondicherry and Experiments of SAICE in a  n …

KB Rao - The Global Journal of English Studies May, 2015 -
3 days ago - Abstract The present Indian education system is attempting it's best to provide 
some opportunities of development to the smart learners by new syllabus, new setup, new 
technology but somehow it has restricted its role in just fixing jobs through providing ...

PDF] Transcendental Awakening According to SriAurobindo and

P Coelho -
5 days ago - ABSTRACT This paper attempts to analyse the concept of transcendental 
awakening according to the doctrines of Sri. Aurobindo and Paulo Coelho. The analysis is 
made in the light of The Life Divine and Brida. Both the writers represent the ideas of the ...

Sri Aurobindo took Mahasamadhi on 5 December 1950, and his material envelope was laid to rest in Samadhi on 9 December 1950

SAAD Branch -
29 days ago - Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is rooted in Vedanta, but has a distinct tilt, a unique 
emphasis, and a significant extension. Vedanta is a spiritual philosophy, the three pillars of 
which are the Upanishads, the Gita, and the Brahm Sutras. A key feature of Vedanta is that ...


S Patil - 2015 -
47 days ago - The legend of Savitri (divided into twelve books and forty nine cantos; 
conceived on an epic scale) took the poet in him back to the Vedas, where it was a mantra, 
an incantation and a prayer to feminine principle sustaining the universe. In the ...

[CITATION] Mystical Element in William Blake and Sri Aurobindo Ghosh A Study

GS Patil - 2015 -
54 days ago - Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, a yogi, a talented poet, is a mystic and intellectual as 
well. He is well-known for his dedication and the cause for the emanicipation of mother India 
from the clutches of the British. Sri Aurobindo has devoted his entire life for his mother and ...

[PDF] Can Religion and Culture bring Harmony and Peace? Today's Holism as Laying the Foundations for

GT Martin -
64 days ago - ... ndian sage Sri Aurobindo writes that “God in man is the whole revelation and the
whole of religion” (1972: 714). ... All religions, therefore, express the divine depths of things and
all religions articulate, as Sri Aurobindo puts it, the identity of “God in man” everywhere. ...


PK Dhal -
85 days ago - ... tell where his influences stop.' Human civilization has seen the above words among
the great teachers like: Viswamitra, Valmiki, Vasistha, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, ... Sri

Aurobindo, Synthesis of Yoga, Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust ...

[HTML] Review of “Seven Quartets of Becoming: A Transformative Yoga Philosophy Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo” by Banerji, D.

JL Dorbolo - International Journal of Dharma …, 2015 - internationaljournaldharmastudies. …
101 days ago - A thinker's journal maps the domain of an examined life. A writer's journal is at 
once more private and more revealing than their public writing since the journal is self-
directed thought. Scholarship on a writer is impelled by access to their self-reflections ...


R TAGORE - Readings in Oriental Literature: Arabian, Indian, …, 2015 -
Argument: Many Indian/Bengali writers such as Toru Dutt, Sarojini Naidu, Harindranath
Chattopadhyaya, Sri Aurobindo, and Humayun Kabir, all of whom, however, wrote in English ...

[PDF] Unfolding Toward Being: Etty Hillesum and the Evolution of Consciousness.

B Morrill - Integral Review: A Transdisciplinary & Transcultural …, 2015 -
131 days ago - ... indeed, timeless. Keywords: AH Almaas, Diamond Approach, Etty Hillesum,
Evolution of Consciousness, Haridas Chaudhuri, Integral Yoga, Karen Johnson,
Psychospiritual Transformation, Sri Aurobindo. Introduction I want ...

[PDF] Individuation, Cosmogenesis and Technology: Sri Aurobindo And Gilbert Simondon.

D Banerji - Integral Review: A Transdisciplinary & Transcultural …, 2015 -
131 days ago - Abstract: The turn of the 19th/20th centuries saw a number of philosophers of 
conscious evolution emerging from different cultural backgrounds. This paper argues that 
this phenomenon, which has sometimes been seen as a philosophical consequence of ...

[PDF] Integrative Research: Integral Epistemology and Integrative Methodology.

BAK Shirazi - … : A Transdisciplinary & Transcultural Journal for …, 2015 -
131 days ago - ... Key Words: Haridas Chaudhuri, Integral Dialectics, Integral Epistemology, Integration,
Integrative Methodology, Research Methodology, Sri Aurobindo. ... In the integral framework of Sri

Aurobindo both spirit and matter are considered real (Sri Aurobindo, 1970). ...

[PDF] Integral Development and Change-At the Level of Inner Processes

U Narayanan, V Vijayalakshmi -
150 days ago - ... This paper explores one such applicable framework of inner development based
on Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo that enables deeper self-awareness and integral change. 1.
Introduction 1.1 Need for Change The world is in transition, a state of creative tension. ...

“Our Aim Is to Link Humanity to the Divine” Social Philosophy and Social Service of Sri Aurobindo Society

S Pandya - Humanity & Society, 2015 -
176 days ago - Abstract This article is based on the fieldwork with Sri Aurobindo Society 
(SAS), a faith-based organization headquartered in Pondicherry, India. SAS is based on the 
ideals of Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual consort Mirra Alfassa, the Mother. I have focused ...


T Ganguly -
192 days ago - ... Based on fieldwork in Puducherry, India – specifically Sri Aurobindo Ashram -
the essay argues that the counter-culture movement across North America and Western
Europe lent itself to certain experiences and imaginaries of India. ...

CITATION] The yoga of patanjaliand the integral yoga of sri aurobindo

GML Shrivastava - 2014 -
199 days ago - ... The a1m 01" the present work is a comparati va study or the RaJa-,cga ot Patan3a1i
and the Integral yoga ot Sri Aurobindo. Xhe trad:1t1on ot yoga in India ... physical plane. Both
Patanjali and Sri Aurobindo possess the spiritual base, but Sri Aurobindo does ...

“The World in a Nest”: Rabindranath Tagore on Nationalism and Internationalism

S Mohanty - Rabindranath Tagore in the 21st Century, 2015 - Springer
200 days ago - ... In particular, he brings into his analysis figures like Mirra Alfassa [the Mother], Paul
Richard, James Cousins, and Sri Aurobindo through the use of travel narratives that are grounded
in Japan, exploring thereby the affinities these figures shared with Tagore. ...

[CITATION] Critical exposition of Toru Dutts poetry as a study of east west assimilation

B Utpal - 2014 -
204 days ago - ... Ill PRIMARY SOURCES Aurobindo, Sri. Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library.
Vol. 1-30. ... Aurobindo Ashram Trust, 1970. {This monumental project is a compilation of all hitherto
published and unpublished works of Sri Aurobindo.} Aurobindo, Sri. The Renaissance in ...

[CITATION] Value and education: problems and prospects; a philosophical reflection with reference to Thomas babington macaulay and Sri Aurobindo

S Yadav - 2014 -
212 days ago - CONCLUSION In philosophy the branch, which deals concept of value, is 
Axiology. In western philosophy truth, goodness and beauty are regarded as basic elements 
of values. Socrates talked about virtue. According to him virtue is knowledge. Pluto ...

An Analysis of Indian Poetic Tradition: Sri Aurobindonian Perspective

S Rukmini - IUP Journal of English Studies, 2014 -
224 days ago - Abstract. Sri Aurobindo considers literature an expression of spiritual
experience of a writer and a vehicle of a superior power which helps a poet to open himself
to the experience of infinite consciousness. Sri Aurobindo regards ...

[HTML] Twenty-first Century English Poetry towards Mantric Planes of Consciousness

N Kumar - International Journal of English and Literature, 2014 -
234 days ago - Sri Aurobindo, a man of the supramental plane of consciousness has found
'Mantra' to be the future of Poetry, the poetry which expresses the deepest spiritual reality. ... Key
words: Poetry of Future, Mantra, Sri Aurobindo, Tomas Transtromer. ...

[CITATION] Myriad visions a study of major themes in the poetry of harindranath chattopadhyaya

KV Rao - 2014 -
243 days ago - Page 1. - i - PREFACE Hailed by the Indian seer-poet, Sri Aurobindo Ghose for
the wealth of imagination and thought and heralded as his mantle-carrier after him by the Nobel
Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, Harindranath Chattopadhyaya ...

Consciousness & Evolution

VS Vaishnav, K Joshi - Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, 2014 -
245 days ago - ... Open Access Subscription or Fee Access. Consciousness & Evolution. Vibha
S. Vaishnav, Kireet Joshi. Abstract. The theory of evolution and consciousness which

Sri Aurobindo has presented is fundamentally experimental. In ...


S Aurobindo - Knowledge and Human Liberation: Towards …, 2014 -
247 days ago - Boycottis much more than a mere economical device, it is a rediscovery of 
national self-respect… The American struggle with England began in an enthusiastic and 
determined boycott of British goods enforced by much the same methods as the Indian ...


S Aurobindo - Knowledge and Human Liberation: Towards …, 2014 -
247 days ago - Only when philosophy discovers in the dialectical course of history the traces 
of violence that deform repeated attempts at dialogue and recurrently close off the path to 

[CITATION] Sri Aurobindo's Savitri and the christian belief in resurrection

K Padmam - 2014 -
254 days ago - In Savitri, at once a legend and a symbol, Sri Aurobindo has compared 
Savitri's mission to conquer death with the identical mission of Christ. In fact death has 
compelled people to find out the meaning of life. But Sri Aurobindo is not satisfied with an ...

[PDF] Dr. Judu Ilavarasu-+ 91 90357 30812

269 days ago - ... historic. The prophecy of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo is coming
true : India will be the super power by 2020 to lead the world towards peace, prosperity,
health and harmony, not mere economic prosperity. Yoga's ...


M Biswal -
276 days ago - Day by day the centre of education is being shifted from subject to child 
theoretically but when it comes to implementation the centre has shifted from child to 
examination. This system of education is really becoming a nightmare for children and ...

[PDF] Spiritual Perceptions-The East and the West, Reflections on Spiritual Flashes and Visions on the Visionaries

S Jayanthi -
277 days ago - ... Associate Professor, Department of English, KSRCollege of Technology,
Tiruchengode, Namakkal DT, Tamilnadu, India. Abstract: This paper
discusses researches made so far on spiritual aspects in Romantics' poetry and Sri Aurobindo's ...

Savitri-A Symbolic Myth of The Modern Age

K Ujjwala - International Journal of Research, 2014 -
280 days ago - ... ABSTRACT Savitri is Sri Aurobindo's masterpiece. ... Sri Aurobindo himself brings
out its significance for us by transforming into a sublime and beautiful epic in a symbolic way.
Naturally, Savitri is the supreme expression of Sri Aurobindo's vision and his message to mankind ...

The Mirambika experience

A Sibia - Foundations and Applications of Indian Psychology -
301 days ago - Page 351. 22 The Mirambika experience Anjum Sibia Adopting an ethnographic
approach, this chapter examines the rich and dynamic life of teaching-learning in
Mirambika—a school based on the Free Progress Education as envi- sioned by Sri Aurobindo ...

Anti-Colonial Metrics: Homeric Time in an Indian Prison, ca. 1909

T Chin - ELH, 2014 -
303 days ago - ... This essay looks at the significance of AurobindoGhose (1872-1950) [Sri Aurobindo]
within English metrical history. ... This essay looks at the significance of Aurobindo Ghose
(1872–1950) [Sri Aurobindo] within just such a historicist project of critical prosody. ...

Marginalized: Indian poetry in English

L Zecchini - Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 2014 - Taylor & Francis
304 days ago - ... focuses on one poet. The “usual suspects” are all there: Henry Derozio,
Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Aurobindo, Sarojini Naidu, Nissim Ezekiel, Jayanta Mahapatra,
AK Ramanujan, Arun Kolatkar and Kamala Das. The aim of the ...

[BOOK] Sri Aurobindo's Vision of Integral Human Development: Designing a Future Discipline of Study

M Gupta - 2014 -
324 days ago - This book explores the integral vision of human development contained in the 
original works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It delves into multiple layers of the human 
personality as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and explores a new ...

On the Vedic symbolism in the light of Sri Aurobindo

V Iatsenko - Foundations of Indian Psychology, Volume 1: Theories … -
330 days ago - The faculties of Consciousness in the Veda are seen as projected from the 
Divine Mother, Aditi, Infinite Consciousness-Force. The supreme emanations of that 
Consciousness-Force are called Ādityas, the Sons of Aditi. There are seven of them— ...

Being an authentic self: Some insights from the lives of Sri Aurobindo and Mahatma Gandhi

S Sharad - Foundations of Indian Psychology, Volume 1: Theories … -
330 days ago - The Upaniṣadic realization that what is natural is also beautiful and true 
(satyam, śivam, sundaram) implies that beauty and truth cannot be artificially made or 
fabricated. This ideal implies an inherent design in which these three always exist as ...

[PDF] Savitri: A Legend of Divine Love

K Ujjwala -
340 days ago - ... Dr. K. Ujjwala, Coordinator of English Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus,
Hyderabad ABSTRACT: Savitri is Sri Aurobindo's masterpiece. ... Sri Aurobindo himself brings out
its significance for us by transforming into a sublime and beautiful epic. ...

[PDF] Individual Self: As Envisioned by Sri Aurobindo

D Banerjee -
353 days ago - Abstract: The concept of Self is really very interesting topic to be discussed. In 
the Vedas we discover the uses of the words as 'knowledge','consciousness','will','thought','
understanding'etc whose inherent meaning stands for the meanings like Dhi, Manas, ...

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