September 01, 2016

Why we need Sri Aurobindo's vision

Author offers alternative narrative of Ashoka

Times of India-28-Aug-2016
PUDUCHERRY: History looks very different from the coast than it does from inland. In a talk to the students and teachers of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of ...

Wave Theory: Sanjeev Sanyal on how the Indian Ocean shaped human history

@sanjeevsanyal @ SAICE "maritime history tells how india has influenced world thru soft power - culture, practices.

History looks different when viewed from the coastlines. On @sanjeevsanyal's splendid book on our maritime heritage

"each brain in overdrive, actively evaluating all strategies to jump the queue,"

Marketime: Multiple rootedness of management discipline › 2016/02 › mu...
Feb 14, 2016 - K Sankaran. Can the b-school be conceived as an appropriate site for contestation of existential ... under inadequate supply conditions, like those we experience with the great Indian train journey.

Why Trupti Doshi ditched mainstream architecture to build an ... hours ago
... meant to be the headquarters of a larger village empowerment programme of Sri Aurobindo Society, an international NGO. Sharanam has been an extremely ...

Writer turns storyteller

Bangalore Mirror-16 hours ago
Especially, since I have over the last year become very interested in Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's thoughts on religion, work, Yoga and consciousness.

Meditation or vacation? Here's what is better

[World War I - July 1, 1916: Start of the Battle of the Somme, with the greatest number of casualties in British military history, 60,000.]

John Locke’s defense of tolerance and freedom of thought and conscience resonates today as much as in his own time.

Joel Smith, author of Experiencing Phenomenology, has written a fascinating blog here:

[S.S. Gill asked as to how he is more patriotic than Aajtak's Arun Purie. “Who am I to question his nationalism?”]

One of the moving forces behind 560 km Ganges Canal which formally opened on April 8, 1854 was Colonel Proby Cautley

1 day ago - Sri Aurobindo is neglected as a literary critic. Because people considered him as a saint, a yogi and even a philosopher but not as a literary critic and poet of eminence. But actually he was a man with a keen sense of  ...

19 hours ago - Born in Calcutta in 1872 and educated in England, Sri Aurobindo came back to India with only one aim: liberating India from the foreign yoke. The Poetry Of Sri Aurobindo A Journey From Ego To Self txt Download  ...

A French novelist's contrarian view of Pattaya - The Hindu › Cities › Puducherry
7 hours ago - His next novel will examine the story of founding days of the experimental township, focusing on The Mother (Mirra Alfassa who was the spiritual associate of Sri Aurobindo) and Indo-Semitic confluences.

18 hours ago - Beyond physicalism: a short note on why we need Sri Aurobindo's vision. Posted on July 30, 2016 by Matthijs. The physicalism that is widely assumed to be an essential element of the scientific method and way of ...

@SwarajyaMag @rashi_kakkar [to discourage the idea that mistakes uniformity and mechanical association for unity.]

[a few minutes passed in the calm of silence are a more effective rest than hours of sleep] The Mother, On Education

[Roundabouts help two yogic: learning to resist immediate gratification and taking into account the needs of others]

[all freedom must have a truth in it and an order, either a rational or an instinctive and intuitive order.] ~SA
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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