December 18, 2018

India is merely a notion and not a nation

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The difficulty is in the fact that for religious people there are things which it is their duty to believe and it is a sin to let the mind discuss them. Whereas the materialists are supposed to know everything, explain everything: they explain everything rationally. #TheMother

Great Art Expresses Truth Through Inspiration, Not Intellectual Process

"Metaphysics came back. It reappeared sometime in the 1960s or 70s and now it’s one of the dominant areas of philosophy and people are just doing metaphysics unashamedly," says @timcrane102

"Although Tolstoy set out to write a moralising novel showing the evils of Anna’s adultery, his human empathy pushed him in a very different direction"
Bioethicist Jonathan Glover recommends five works of literature that explore moral philosophy

Newton, Einstein, Schrodinger are silly inconsequential  speculators before the comprehensive  knowledge  and realization offered by sanatan dharma through Bhagvad gita
Modern science is big fraud on humanity, it is the worst enemy of humanity, it has deeply misled human civilization and is the path of asuras of worst kind
Confused neo-vedantists have drawn non-existant parallels between Vedanta and hoax modern science and severely damaged the cause of sanatan dharma obstructing its bright light of jnana and vijnana
The theology of neo-vaendists together with Aryan racism has messed up the psychology of Bharat varsha, reject all neo-vedantists, take Bhagvad gita as it is, it can show the path

Good summary on why European theories of "nationalism" is inapplicable to India. India's jati system and circles of ties do not map to nationalism.
European post-Christian nationalism start to mirror exclusive religion with in/out divisions. "Individualism" exists as its enabler.

The question to ask is—why did porn not exist in Indian culture, as it did in mediaeval European culture? The answer is Christianity made sexual pleasure immoral. Porn arises as a dark act  in that religious milieu not where kama is considered a legitimate and normal striving.

Porn is the most disgusting gift of Western culture to the world. To call this sexual liberation is a perversion of the highest order. Today 7 year old boys are committing rapes on little girls thanks to the easy availability of porn even to kids

For your age you are very dumb and smug. Firstly, I am too small a person to patronise anybody, leave alone a national party or mass organisation like RSS. Secondly, learn to read carefully and also occasionally go beyond twitter

Pity that you got your sex education through porn! For millennia our culture knew sophisticated ways of imparting sex education. First British brought Victorian prudery to India so that sex became dirty word. Then comes the pendulum swing through porn. And we slavishly accept all

I bet you havent read Kamasutra. I have. It's a sophisticated treatise on care & respect with which men should approach women;How to give women pleasure, not just use them as objects of crass pleasure. To compare Kamasutra with porn is to display gross ignorance of our heritage

It's all about how you approach man-woman relations. Men who view women through the prism of porn & act out fantasies of being stud bulls while treating women as mere pieces of flesh & view sex as a gross public sport--are sick to the core.

"Parenting Crisis" is another fashionable  disease of the West. Fact is when parents are consuming porn, how can they prevent children from doing so? Why should porn be freely available to adults? It coarsens sensibilities & damages normal sexual life if couples.

Govt is petrified of intellectual slaves of West who justify consumption of porn as Freedom of Expression! Sadly, this generation of feminists have also started defending porn.Bhaad mein jaaye aisi freedom which takes delight in mauling women's bodies as mass entertainment

Begun "Sri Aurobindo & India's Rebirth" by Michel Danino.
Had no idea he was so anglicised, school & college in England from age 8 to 21!
His rediscovery of heritage, yearning for freedom, & passion for  education has shades of conservatism at which today's liberals would flinch.

Very interesting.
A decade in freedom struggle & many more in spiritual pursuits, Aurobindo always spoke his mind without any regard for political correctness.
Today he'd come across as a right winger!
But also see his comments on the essence of Hinduism & its (mis)adherents.

Begun @davidmcraney's "You Are Not So Smart."
-Why you have too many friends on Facebook -Why your memory is mostly fiction -etc
Behavioral Sciences one of my favourite genres, greatly looking forward to this...

Not at all, but those who try to be "Hinduer than thou" may (in)advertantly contributing to disunity by insisting that their way is the only way to help the cause.

Reclaiming Hinduism: Ecosystems need to be created, nurtured, strengthened, mainstreamed and sustained for them, to find a belonging to the faith.

Good survey and as things change with time and circumstances, they should be accepted as they are; but the author seems to be carrying the burden of changing the course of change. The very confidence that the future can be moulded or managed is problematic like chasing a chimera.

From @gopimaliwal to @KanchanGupta and @harshmadhusudan, Uttarpara Speech (1909) of Sri Aurobindo has received much attention; @BooksPanda too is reading #SriAurobindo. All very fine; but Sri Aurobindo needs to be read in detail which takes about a decade.

With Gyanchandra at Pragati Maidan Book Fair, around two decades back. Sri Aravind Chetana Samaj used to put up a stall since 1996. Also a poet and an artist, he has been writing for Karmdhara, a journal in Hindi published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch. @AurobindoAshram

Opted for VRS from PNB in 2000 on this day. @sahityaakademi Library was of great help for books on 20th century #Philosophy & #CulturalStudies. Formed Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) in 2005, Savitri Era Religion in 2006, and Savitri Era Party in 2007. #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Awareness of Sri Aurobindo is very low and misrepresentation of his ideas is quite high. Savitri Era Party has been trying to spread the political aspects of Sri Aurobindo's vision, such as #FiveDreams and #WorldUnion. It has also been opposing undesirable dimensions of Hindutva.

Sri Aurobindo talks about 1789, 1815, 1919, and much more... "The human spirit has still to find itself, its idea and its greater orientation."
A must read when 2019 is almost knocking at the door. @NathTusar #FiveDreams #Evolution #WorldWar1 #WorldUnion

Those who find The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo a bit difficult can read a slim book instead. Aditi And Other Deities In The Veda by M.P. Pandit is an excellent introductory work.
Besides, Vedic Epiphany series by V. Madhusudan Reddy is outstanding.

India is so vast in size and huge in population that no citizen can be reasonably aware of its affairs, even in this age of instant communication. So it's more of an idea or notion than an actual nation. States with distinct languages and manageable population qualify as nations.

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