December 29, 2018

Risk taking, guts, and show of superiority and dominance

New Year, equality and Gita

Daily Pioneer-11 hours ago
(Essays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo). To understand the subtler sense of the Gita, we must disentangle our mind of the Materialistic view of the Existence ...

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Hindu Marriages between Hindus are declining ... this is a major issue ... What could be the solution that Hindu Boys and Girls get married ...

With mslm-run Bollywood setting the example, it's going to get worse. Can't ask people to stop watching movies. What to do?

Hindus have gotten used to secular brainwash and hedonism. H males are escapist and females feminist.
It's actually not. Sex is the biggest human strength as well as weakness. H remain unmarried till 30s, females open to mingle with anyone, H males not know sex, busy w exams, jobs.  Contrast with katu@s: males grow up fkng around, marry early, females in burqa, & married v early.

Very true Garima. One of the reasons the H girls and women are driven to them is this false bravado, risk taking, guts and show of superiority and dominance. It is a psychological warfare and they understand a woman's mind very well.
Rightly said. It is easy for a liberal secular H girl/woman who is deracinated from her roots due to secular liberal upbringing to fall into their trap.

Jo bhi kaho dum hai,  no wonder girls get driven to their falsehoods.  They combine cheating with bravado!
It's a game of psychology.  No woman wants to marry a Chomu by choice.  Ek taraf kuan,  ek taraf khai.  Lol
Sometimes,  I m amazed at their guts.  Unbelievably risk taking.  A few die thinking they hv gone to jannat. Nothing deters them.  Hooked on to their goals.  Crazy!
Have seen so many cases of jihad with great details.  Darr nahin lagta inko,  I mean,  lagta to hai but bheed mein nikal lete hain.  Besharmi ki hadd hai!!
I hv spoken to various ex Muslims.  Met some of them.  The authority with which they talk n walk even after reversion is a thing to tell.  No goal is big for them.  I hv spoken in detail with some of them.
Yaar,  how do I explain. Firm n caring (fake) is also/ may be domineering?  Is a woman ok with complete freedom without being cared for properly?  I don't know how to explain.
Love doesn't see logic when it is happening.  Everybody thinks my guy is liberal like shahrukh khan!  Ye waisa nahi hai.
Ya,  possessed in various senses.  Also,  most these victims r already vulnerable in some sense.  Or visibly deracinated.  Lesson for every Hindu girl is - do not drop your guard even for a moment with a Muslim man!  No matter what.
Sexual grooming,  even where the girl's needs do not exist yet.  Anyway,  good night now. Reg.

I hv understood ... You mean they love to be controlled and possessed!

“Violence has always been a source of inspiration for great dramatists and novelists, such as Homer, Shakespeare and Tolstoy”.
Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker (@sapinker) picks the best books on the decline of violence in the modern world.

“Books that have real scholarly rigour—that are serious history, but well-written and engaging enough to reach a wider audience: that’s the Holy Grail” @HistoryToday editor @_paullay recommends the best history books of 2018

“It’s been semi-jokingly said that the Reformation is a bitter, 200-year-long dispute about the exact meaning of each of those four words: this, is, my, and body”
A Reformation #readinglist by Peter Marshall of @WarwickHistory

"If you go back to Hume, Locke or Descartes, you find that they weren’t writing for professionals in university, they were writing for their educated peers. Every educated mind should be engaged with the great questions."
@acgrayling on Ideas That Matter

"If you want to read literature that sets out to create a holding ground for raw human material - for human struggles, difficulties, and celebrations - read George Eliot."

Music is forever. But what I miss in today's bollymusic is the high notes of violin, trumpet, french horn and trumbone. Of course the percussions too. May be due to the era I started understanding music by LP, RDB, Bappi Lahiri and Rajesh Roshan.
Let me share each of them.

RDB was more inspired by Spanish and Italian music. Irony is being a son he followed very less his great father whereas LP being SDB's assistant were successfully carried forward his legacy.

Apr 18, 2011 - Uploaded by Silika Mohapatra
Odia Folk Number Voice: Tusar N. Mohapatra Visuals: Chilika lake, Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar.

The mutual relationship between Indus script (2600 BCE) and Brahmi (500 BCE) remains contested amongst scholars. My view is that overwhelming evidence supports Brahmi being derived from Indus.
Here's my revised essay that touches upon some of this:

Audit of Human Life

Ethical Principles Are Not Essentially Constructs of Reason–They Arise from the Divine Impulses in Man

If foreigners like D, E, F, or G tweet or write, it's treated as gold whereas Indian A, B, or C are era gera! As long as people are content with easy options and avoid search for quality, genuineness, and sincerity, #SavitriEra will remain a chimera. Let's expect change in #Y2019

Hero and heroine run away from home and build a cottage in a jungle. Then they look at each other with delight writ large upon their faces: a familiar scene in many films. RW intellectuals celebrating a book, an essay, or a lecture in euphoric gusto often gives a similar feeling.

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Increasing number of pseudo gurus and external forms of worship and rituals #SriAurobindo

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