February 28, 2019

Auroville symbolises love and peace

The concept of #Auroville—an ideal international township devoted to human unity—came to #theMother in the 1930s. On 28 February 1968 with ~5,000 people of 124 nations Aurovile was born. On 28 February 2019, Auroville celebrates its 51st #FoundationDay. https://t.co/k1Uue8bauP

[Re-plug] Kashmir, before the advent of Islam, was a vibrant seat of learning and made staggering contributions to Indic culture in fields as diverse as arts, sciences, literature and philosophy writes @subhashkak1. https://t.co/yLlSfJNlah

Gandhi’s beliefs on privacy are influenced by his pernicious positions on caste and race. For him, “The state in which all men think only clean thoughts succeeded upon by clean speech and act would be determined by the notion of ‘cleanliness.’” https://t.co/4HwRiTxXie

“One of the things we’ve all met is the accusation that we are strident or arrogant or vitriolic or shrill. What do we think about that?" @RichardDawkins @danieldennett, @SamHarrisOrg and Christopher Hitchens conversation is now available as a book:
https://t.co/Q1QLacANE3 @rdfrs

We’re saddled with biological drives to accumulate and multiply. 
Culture is a chance to evolve past all that and create poetry instead. 
But into that cultural space we’ve plugged a money mechanism built on the same impulse. 
And it's skewing the evolution of our species.

"Our brains aren’t just hapless and quirky, they're devious. They intentionally hide information from us, helping us fabricate plausible pro social motives to act as cover stories for our less savoury agendas." https://t.co/XkxLuSYmCF

6. Total Silence is Maintained when Odiya got Classical Language Status Showing "Charjapado" as its Own.
7. Silence-> When Assamese are Trying to get it Now sowing 7th Century Excavations from Goalpara district.
8. Cutting off Historical Background Ensures Weak Foundation

Odia Twitter community have both professional and serious amateur composers, singers, lyricists, researchers, film makers, photographers, visual artists, literary writers, culinary artistes and many more along with techies. We must channelize ourselves better o make a difference

Granting Sovereignty to the States to manage their own affairs, including Foreign affairs, is the most appropriate solution to all problems the country is facing today. People must prepare for this futuristic measure by abdicating the grand narrative of an unusually large nation.

Archaeologists have traditionally focused on the material culture of humans. Now they're digging up cultural remains of other tool-using species to elucidate the rise of technology. Pioneering primate archaeologist @PrimateArch reports in the March @sciam https://t.co/liNXW4nAW6

The 1st c. Christianity symbol wasn't the cross; but the anchor, during the period of persecution that has been found in ancient catacombs. It brings together the cross & nautical Christian symbolism, & it symbolizes the Christian hope in Christ amid a turbulent world. https://t.co/QC0ubdcikJ

Charles @mudede breaks it down, explaining the true insanity of our economic system:  https://t.co/KMr8i3OWJa

A Strange Relationship Between Vegetarianism and Depression | Psychology Today https://t.co/qBJ6Ncej5i

Fraternity as an Organizing Principle of Society Fails Without Liberty and Equality https://t.co/98kgwDhiu7

One meets so many ek se badhkar ek experts on all topics from war to wc on Twitter that it's intimidating sometimes with a perpetual feeling of inadequacy. Invoking Sri Aurobindo however compensates to some extent [hound of heaven or Dakshina whose function is to discern rightly] https://t.co/9viBDQkDC5

Thought-provoking interview on work and burnout with Josh Cohen, psychoanalyst and literary critic, for @five_books: https://t.co/Rn42GuZsHI
His book, Not Working: Why we Have to Stop, was published earlier this year.

Hindus of Bengal led the entire freedom fight against the British. What Arabindo Ghosh started, Subhas Chandra Bose finished. We document the blood an ethnicity shed for the liberty of their mother land. Blood, tears, torture and pain. Read  https://t.co/r9wLfAI2KU

Finally, Sri Aurobindo's epochal pioneering role gets due acknowledgement. Thanks. Remembering another brave revolutionary https://t.co/laKBUiPHcq

Vivekananda was a product of his time. He was very much influenced by Christian missionaries and that shows in his writings. He deserves our respect but some of his writings should be taken with a pinch of salt. Shri Aurobindo had better clarity in his thoughts.

vivekananda is a pundit with limited knowledge . Aurobindo is a gnani with unlimited knowledge and wisdom

Sri Aurobindo started writing in public just a few months after his return to India in 1893. Vivekananda is generally considered senior to him but in terms of scholarly output, Sri Aurobindo comes first. This may not be known to many people. (Request to readers to verify/confirm)

Plain & Simple:English of Savitri series by Shraddhavan https://t.co/g5XlLitEwl [Mirra Alfassa's quest for spiritual fulfillment inspired her to traverse oceans and seas to reach India which was considered the fountainhead of mysticism] https://t.co/kEMwuXgS22 #Auroville #Savitri

Marketime: Carey arrived in India in 1793; Sri Aurobindo returned in 1893 https://t.co/w9tv4RFbcW [Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF)] #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad https://t.co/YGoEhdLyp7

Birth anniversary of Mother of Aurobindo Ashram observed

India.com News-20-Feb-2019
Puducherry, Feb 21 (PTI) A large number of people from across the country thronged the Aurobindo Ashram here Thursday to pay homage to Mother (Mirra ...

Gandhi and his India

Daily Pioneer-16-Feb-2019
Secret societies had started earlier In Maharashtra, and in Bengal, revolutionary organisations began to develop, mainly owing to the efforts of Aurobindo Ghose ...

Narendra Modi must use Balakot to consolidate India's rajasic ...

Observer Research Foundation-11 hours ago
Across planes of time, space and beyond, on battlefield Kurukshetra, Sri ... and action in which he feels himself protected from the battle,” wrote Sri Aurobindo.

Gulzar shares an incident when he was 'pretty upset' with Satyajit Ray

Bollywood Life-5 hours ago
Considering the fact that Gulzar has translated a huge volume of work of Rabindranath Tagore from the original language Bengali, asked about his fascination ...

Onu Hossain: untimely departure of a writer

Dhaka Tribune-7 hours ago
Throughout his life, Rabindranath Tagore had been a great fascination to him, and Tagore's work was part of his meditation and research. In his deathbed he ...

Illuminating Asia's future

The Hindu-26-Feb-2019
Yet both nations were, in the evocative words of Rabindranath Tagore, “lamp bearers” in their modern histories, joined in the struggle against colonialism and ...

Tagore had called nationalism an evil epidemic: Political theorist ...

The Indian Express-21-Feb-2019
Talking about Tagore's idea of nationalism, Parikh remarked that Tagore considered that nationalism led to replacing the reality made up of the people of a ...

7 Progressive Women In 'The Stories Of Rabindranath Tagore'

Feminism in India (blog)-19-Feb-2019
'Stories by Rabindranath Tagore' is a television series based on the novels and short stories of the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. It was directed by ...

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