June 14, 2019

Aesthetics like nutrition should seek the right-mix

The irony of disowning one's culture

The New Indian Express-04-Jun-2019
It is not wise to confuse the treasures of our heritage with the Hindu religion as it is understood and interpreted today ...

'I am a man of India as a whole': Manoj Das

The Hindu-23-Mar-2019
Manoj Das, one of India's foremost bi-lingual authors, writes in his mother tongue, Odia, and in English. The 2001-Padma Shri recipient who ...

Manoj Das to be conferred with Nilimarani Award 2019 on Jan 6

Bhubaneswar: Award-winning Indian author Professor Manoj Das will be conferred with the first Nilimarani Award 2019 for his extraordinary ...

Unsung Warrior~I

The Statesman-12-Jun-2019
At this time, he visited the ashram of Motilal Roy, a renowned devotee of SriAurobindo and was imbued with his religious philosophy. After a few months Motilal ...

Unsung Warrior~II

The Statesman-1 hour ago
Inspired by the ideological moorings of Sri Aurobindo, he was far above a noxious egomaniac and could always view things with insouciance and equanimity.

What Kind of Nationalism Do We Need Today? Exploring Tagore on ...

Economic and Political Weekly-11 hours ago
Unlike many 19th century thinkers like Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo who rooted indian cultural unity in canonical texts, Tagore ...

Understanding the Indian right

THE WEEK-10-Jun-2019
While he seeks to trace right wing political and economic beliefs through the writings of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Sri Aurobindo, Nirad C Chaudhuri and ...

Into the mind of the modern-day Chanakya

India Today-08-Jun-2019
Shah's great-grandfather and grandfather had been the nagarsheth of the princely state of Mansa. It is said that the family had also hosted Sri Aurobindo, then ...

As Modi swears in, read Sri Aurobindo's powerful nationalism speech ...

On this very same day (May 30), Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo delivered a fiery speech on nationalism that cemented the bedrock of India's freedom struggle ...

Evolution, Religion, and Indian Traditions-whose Clash Is It Anyway?

Sri Aurobindo refined these ideas further. His ideas on evolution become explicit by some of his statements he made in various essays, lectures, and interviews.

Goddess of generalisations fails Gandhi and Ambedkar

The Sunday Guardian-01-Jun-2019
Here was the Mahatma who, to use Sri Aurobindo's words, was “a European…in an Indian body”. But Roy, after explaining how Gandhi “has become all things ...

Hinduism and New Age
P Oneness, R Cosmopolitanism - Modern Hinduism, 2019
… emotional relaxation. They also include the growing crowds outside the Pranic Healing Centre in the Aurobindo Ashram in New Delhi, which people approached in search of relief for mental and physical ailments alike. And, most

Modern Hindu Dharma and Environmentalism
P Jain - Modern Hinduism, 2019
… Similarly, the teachings of Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950) inspired the founding of a community near Pondicherry in South India called Auroville, in which ecological restoration and progress towards sustainability have been central goals (Sullivan 1994) …

Hinduism in the Secular Republic of Nepal
DN Gellner, C Letizia - Modern Hinduism, 2019
Page 288. 15 Hinduism in the Secular Republic of Nepal David N. Gellner and Chiara Letizia INTRODUCTION Nepal looms large in the modern Hindu imagination for three reasons.'First, it encompasses a large stretch of the holy mountains, the Himalayas …

Modern Hindu Diaspora (s)
V Sinha - Modern Hinduism, 2019
… These included the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON),
Sathya Sai Baba movement, Radhasoami Satsang, BK Raja Yoga Centre, Eckankar Satsang, Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Sri Aurobindo Society, Tran …

Assumptions and Ground Realities
S Bhattacharjea - Early Childhood Education and School Readiness in …
… In India, this basic principle has been articulated in different ways, for example, in Gandhi's belief in “correlated teaching” that would draw on the child's environment for ways of exploring topics or concepts, or in Aurobindo's model 

Kipling, Yeats, and the empire of men
A Pradhan - Kipling and Yeats at 150: Retrospectives/Perspectives, 2019

Assorted tweets:

Happy to announce SAFIC now has a brand new website (same easy-to-remember URL of course!). Please browse through and learn about  our various projects and activities. https://t.co/Y0Be8MyBe4
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Sri Aurobindo brings in a far greater psychology elaborating the Upanhadic planes of being in The Life Divine n the Letters.

Everyone wants to be a hero, but no one wants to use the brains & strategy, or do the work of a hero.
That's the unpleasant reality of Hindu activists.
Everyone wants to fight for dharma, but only a handful know what's dharma, leave alone uphold it & live it.

Well said. Unfortunately its not even true that everyone wants to fight for dharma. Most Hindus r only concerned w/ job, family, house & some periodic celebrations which is all the "Hinduism" they care to indulge in. Dharma is by definition the province of heroes of force & thot. https://t.co/ToN8fVwkEi
Our personality can be a vehicle & a medium & a channel for the Divine Consciousness. But for that it is necessary to break out of the illusory shell of the ego. The lower deformation must surrender to the Highest Truth, the outer surface play of nature to the innermost Divinity. https://t.co/aogER7bjWi
We see only our human weaknesses & limitations.
She sees through them our supreme Divine potential. https://t.co/aogER7bjWi
I think it wud prob b more correct to say Sri Aurobindo had accomplished what he had to in the political field for the time being, i.e. lay the seed & groundwork for full independence, light the fire that once lit cud not b extinguished. Even his yoga grew out of his nationalism.
He had reached a point where he cud see that the awakening he had initiated wud inevitably result in freedom, only a Q of time, soon or later. But what India wud do with this freedom was the real Q now. And the rest of his life he spent in laying the foundations for future India.

Remember the incident in #SriAurobindo Ashram when in WW 🏗 was badly affected by shortages of cement! Sadhaks used to complain to the Mother! Once while returning from Her room,They saw a  line of trucks coming out of nowhere !Said the Mother:you mortals don’t believe in Divine!

Sri Aurobindo, and not Goel or Shourie, is the last word on human behaviour and collective psychology. Reading him can orient one in the Vedic Evolutionary vision for the mankind and liberate from ill effects of parochialism. Recognising the true teacher of the nation is the key.
May be your impression is in order to a large extent since it's a human weakness to safeguard self-interest. Fortunately or unfortunately, however, one can't think of modern India without the Bengalis. From Ram Mohan Roy to Mahalanobis, they have contributed in diverse fields.
Despite facing setback on several counts, Europe still provides leadership on diverse facets of human civilisation and culture. Blanket condemnation of Colonialism or Christianity shouldn't blind us to these areas of excellence. Admiring and acquiring the best should be the norm.
People in general take great satisfaction in not availing the services of an architect while constructing a house or renovating it. As a result, our country is suffering from a huge design-deficit. Sadly Bollywood sets or Web portals, on the contrary, demonstrate design overload.
Modern schooling practice of confining students in classrooms deprives them of the joy of labour or creative physical endeavour. Subjects we teach at school have become outdated in the Internet age. Abolishing the prevailing syllabus and evaluation system is the only sane option.
History and Mythology lessons should be abandoned so that the new generation is not mentally burdened. Those peddling unsubstantiated formulations must desist from charlatanism. Citing old texts is no assurance against trickery. Preventing frauds is an important responsibility.
Each and every major narrative needs some measure of corrective. Western scholars have failed to accommodate or appreciate the Indian scenario and Indian public intellectuals are averse to an Integral view of things. So no need to be overwhelmed by the dominant political paradigm
Aesthetics like nutrition must strive for the right-mix and avoid intoxication by a few dominant components. Not being natural or duly imparted by education, this aspect of personal development is a difficult proposition for many. Further, Media offerings often warp the scenario.
Politics as well as philanthropy run on principles of Business Management. There's no reason why they should be different. Personal development, however, is an altogether separate arena. Professional expertise shouldn't delude one to be too adept at facing life's twists and turns.
Each religion is a bundle of superstition and people have no option than to carry forward that burden. They are fighting with each other without having any hand in creation of the religions. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have clearly said about the end of the reign of all religions.
There can be various opinions about the past which keeps on changing but the truth is that contact with European education and culture gave the Bengalis the first mover's advantage. Their position is secure in history; no one can dispute with that or remove them from the pedestal
I have not read him but many perceptive persons are recommending the books by Nigurananda (Professor Sachidananda Sarkar). You may check. There would be many others like him.

The "dramatist" school of social philosophy (Kenneth Burke, Hugh Dalziel Duncan) has some very interesting insights.
Also, Rolf Jensen's *Dream Society* (ugly and exploitative as it is, and more like Huxley's dystopia) also points to the transformation of *reality* into psychodrama, as does the emergence of "marketing 3.0" or ("holistic" or "spiritual" branding, so-called).
Jensen's *Dream Society* is quite evidently the meaning, too, of Kurt Andersen's *Fantasyland*, and buttresses Gabler's (and Postman's) earlier writings on how "entertainment has conquered reality" -- ie, loss of discernment between the "in here" and the "out there".
But this is also consistent with Aurobindo's "Age of Subjectivism" (in *The Human Cycle*). There is, in those terms, an implicit logic and pattern within the apparent chaos of the affects.

A must read if you want to have insights into ancient Bharata, especially Tamil Nadu,social values & finess , role of the devadasi, their personality, &their downfall. The more u read, the more u would realise that it was a progressive society which regressive cultures invaded. https://t.co/e1NWrIdatN

“All my books address this issues of dislocation, migration, movement.” - @GhoshAmitav #Live from the #Delhi launch of #GunIsland
“Often when you write a novel, you realise that certain characters truly assert themselves. They become larger and larger than life” - @GhoshAmitav
#Live from the #Delhi launch of #GunIsland

Two hours a week spent outdoors in nature linked with better health https://t.co/fYgEQrTVBk https://t.co/0D6p3uw4dT

Plasim Radar

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Catherine Prueitt hired by the University of British Columbia - Continuing the good news about Canada: Catherine Prueitt has accepted a position in at The University of British Columbia. Congratulations to her and to UBC!

- On the claim of science. For Heidegger, “each supposition is always already grounded in a certain kind of *acceptio*. Only when the presence of something 

Isha Upanishad: the Methods of Realisation, Part 4, the Human Standpoint and the Link to the Divine Standpoint - The description of seven ‘worlds’ or states of consciousness, in the Vedic terminology includes 3 in a higher hemisphere, and 3 in a lower hemisphere, and ...

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