November 12, 2006

Counteract the virus of narrowminded blindness

On the Divine Mother: A Mystery and A Prophecy Rod Hemsell Jan 27 2003 12:00AM We might also point to the extraordinary probability that our industrial, technological age and global civilization have reached their terminus, following 250 years of Rationalism, two major World Wars, numerous lesser wars, nationalism, internationalism, economic globalization and a population explosion that has overburdened the planet's natural resource base. It seems most likely that...
Rod Hemsell comments: on Jan 28 2003 8:52PM Sri Aurobindo and the Mother both encouraged their disciples to write, in spite of all that they themselves had written. They also advocated a general respect for the cultures of humanity, in spite of their determination to help those cultures evolve beyond themselves. Thus Auroville and the Ideal of Human Unity. The interpretation of culture leads to its improvement. Interpretation is necessary from generation to generation to ensure the renewal and progress of values. We must strive to counteract the virus of narrowminded blindness and hostility to truth and culture that seems to be infecting the psyche of many Indians abroad today, and instead make an effort to grow, expand, include, and enrich ourselves and others through an open-handed acceptance, care, understanding, and love. This would be to honor the greatness of Sri Aurobindo. Such writers as Nolini Kanta Gupta, Amal Kiran, Sisirkumar Ghose, Srinivasa Iyengar, Satprem - all of whom I have known and been encouraged by, would also be well honored by such an effort. Rod Hemsell - in response to the earlier comments.

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