November 14, 2006

Supramental Transformation of the world

Edward Berge Says: November 12th, 2006 at 3:28 pm I was not referring specifically to you Marko but the whole gist of the conversation between you, Alan, Tusar and Ray. I can see your clarications and agree that there is an esoteric side even to postmetaphysical systems, like the DL and even Derrida. I don’t think Alan and Tusar meant it that way though, instead seeing a postmetaphysical stance as being itself exoteric because it denies an absolute. But I could be wrong...
alan kazlev Says: November 13th, 2006 at 3:28 pm I can only speak with authority of the Revelation that I have been chosen to follow, which is the same Revelation that Tusar has been chosen to follow. Marko’s path is a different Revelation. But even so, and whilst we may disagree with each other in many points of detail, Marko and I can discuss things with a common understanding and a common Light...
Tusar you said: “The head and heart dichotomy is not all that insurmountable as it seems and The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have precisely attempted to do that in their Integral Yoga.”
I totally agree, they unify head and heart, and the physical body as well. All aspects of the being are offered up for the Transformation. That is why i consider their Integral Yoga to be the paradigmatic integral path. Many intellectuals try to approach Sri Aurobindo through reading his books on the intellectual level only; in doing so they totally miss the esoteric (inner) aspect of his Revelation. The teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are absolutely esoteric teachings, but that is why they can only be appreciated by reading them with the heart. Then the head knowledge comes as well, in service of the Heart (or the Psychic Being which the Heart relates to).
“But the question is whether we should stride ahead or move back in time; collaborate with the Supramental Consciousness which is operating in the earth atmosphere or oppose it by clinging to nostalgia.”
To appreciate and to understand even at a superficial level what you say regarding the central imporatnce of the Supramental activity in the current terrestrial evolution requires that one already in some small way partakes of the Aurobindonian Revelation. Because I do, I can appreciate and resonate with what you are saying, and aspire for the very same goal you do, the Supramental Transformation of the world, and do what I can in my small and halting way to help bring it about. But Sri Aurobindo himself also said that his yoga is not for everyone.
This being so, why then do I spend so much time writing these long essays for Integral World? I guess because for me everything Wilber says a la the Integral, Sri Aurobindo has already said it first (after all, where did Wilber get the concept of “integral” in the first place?), and said it better, and more profoundly, as a true Divine Revelation. Because Wilber’s teachings are at the exoteric level, any Wilberian or post-wilberian Integral theory would also be exoteric. I want to give those attracted to the wider integral way (not just the Wilberian mainstream) the option of a more profound teaching, but only if that is what they feel a resonance with.
Nor should esoteric alternatives to exoteric wilberism within the Integral movement be limited only to the Aurobindonian tradition. Marko refers to A. H. Almaas as an integral and esoteric teacher, so there is another alternative, which I would love to see elaborated upon on Integral World (even Wilber says there are many forms of Integral). I am sure there other alternatives too, it is just a matter of people coming foward and doing a write-up. If integralites are not interested in these teachings, if Wilberism is their path, well, that is good too! They are following the path they should be, and there is no blame.

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