November 10, 2006

The psychic being is the key to evolution

Vedic Vision in the light of Sri Aurobindo: The Triple Transformation
From the beginning of time man was involved in the studies of himself and his relation with the world. Veda is one of the oldest accounts of such studies. Its Vision is grand and unifying. Its psychological insight is profound; its language is sheer poetry of the highest kind ever composed by man. It is in the Vedas that Sri Aurobindo found language suitable for the description of his own spiritual experiences.
“Veda is the earliest gospel we have of man's immortality…”1- says Sri Aurobindo.
“The central conception of the Veda is the conquest of the Truth out of the darkness of Ignorance and by the conquest of the Truth the conquest also of Immortality.”2
“The Veda is perfect and beautiful in its coherence and its unity.”3
There are many myths in the Veda which describe the Beginning of Creation from different angles or stages. Some of them start with the description of the Supreme Person, Atman, Self, 4 others - of the Impersonal Spirit, Brahman,5 some start from Nothingness or Darkness,6 which they call “night”, ratri-, or apas, apraketam salilam 7, “dark waters”, or sometimes as mrityu ,8 “death”, etc., etc. They all refer to different stages of Creation, where Darkness or Nothingness was depicted as our beginning, but not as our Origin. We can easily reconcile these myths, knowing that Darkness was the result of the Fall of the Supreme Light, (Involution).9 ...
In the past the spiritual life was possible only by excluding matter because the utility and the purpose of Chaitya Purusha was not fully understood, and most probably it could not be otherwise, for it was only with the Mother’s coming that its purpose and importance became completely clear and the transformation of the body became possible. The Psychic Being, the Individual Supreme, is a future Lord of this Creation. It is he, who is to evolve and to take into his hands the whole of Nature. Thus the Supramental Manifestation can be understood as the Third or a New Creation...
Thus the psychic being is the key to evolution. It has to be discovered and brought forward. It has to be enlarged and strengthened by the spiritual transformation of all its instrumentations of mind, vital and body. It has to be enthroned as the Lord of the Universe by the Supramental transformation and, by entering into the realms of the Supreme Transcendental Ananda, it should bring down the higher laws of the Divine Existence into the earthly life of man. Latest page update: made by vlad1606, Oct 29, 12:45 PM EST (about this update Latest Update Notes Edited by vlad1606 4260 words added - complete history)

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