March 27, 2007

He is seized by the sweetness that wins every felicity

Re: 08: A Shrine for the God of Love by RY Deshpande
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The incarnate God of Love’s perfect Savitri In what manner does the incarnate God of Love become aware of incarnate Savitri? They have met on the well-planned chance road of Time and also recognised each other at once, Savitri remembering through the ages the one whose heart was longing for her as much as hers for him, he who knows that she is some immortal who has come to him putting on a mortal form. In the emerald depth of the Shalwa Woods, and in the glory of the summer morning, Satyavan is stunned by the beauty standing in front of him, “the haunting miracle of a perfect face”. The way the sea heaves to the loveliness of the full moon, so does he rush towards her.
In fact, his life is now taken by another life; he is seized by the sweetness that wins every felicity. Irresistible is the pull of that magnetic force, alchemic the charm that can transmute everything into lustrous gold of God. In it a new discovery of divinity in things is made. He has found the whole aim of existence, he has known the reality of the dreams he was cherishing through the long aeons, the possibility of heaven’s truth residing in the mortal breast. He tells Savitri: (Savitri, The Book of Love)

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