March 27, 2007

A well-designed dream greater than the possibilities reality can hold

Re: 08: A Shrine for the God of Love by RY Deshpande
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The incarnate God of Love Incarnate Savitri is in search of the incarnate God of Love. Her quest is across lands and countries and mountains, in cities and towns and pilgrim places, and forests and hermitages, across the wide ways of the world, ways that are also uncertain. There is chance, there is fate, there is destiny and wheels are locked within wheels. But suddenly there he appears, in proper time and proper place, in the wilderness rich in its natural setting. He standing there—was that a dream? But it was a well-designed dream greater than the possibilities reality can hold. The dream happens to come true one early summer morning, at the dawn of eternal Time. It was as though the God was waiting there in the green mountainous land for the perfect shrine to walk unto him. (Savitri, The Book of Love)
But who is this incarnate God of Love? Does he expect the shrine to walk unto him? Lonely in the thick forest, how long has he been waiting for it to arrive? What is his appearance? And will he be acceptable to the shrine in the imperfection that is there all around? He is noble and grand and youthful, a weapon of living light, erect and lofty like a spear, his figure leading the splendour of the morn. There is visible wisdom on his brow, and beauty resides in his limbs, and joy makes his face gleaming-bright. Where he stands, he stands like a pillar of solid wonder, and where he moves, he moves like a lustrous statue of delight. But he is also a God who grows, grows in the divine marvel of this creation. Nature is his teacher and the wise sages of the woods are his preceptors.

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