March 14, 2007

This is the Word at once inspired and revelatory, with the quality of multi-sided inevitability

Re: 08: A Shrine for the God of Love by RY Deshpande on Wed 14 Mar 2007 04:15 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link
His Perfect Shrine: This passage of 51 lines is one of the rarest examples in which the poetic utterance can reach the absolute of speech. What Sri Aurobindo was proposing not too long ago in the series of his Arya-articles dealing with the possibilities of the future poetry, that he achieved within twenty years in this description of Savitri. Here she is presented as a “perfect shrine” in whom the God of Love could move “as in his natural home”. It is one of the high marks of getting the pure Overmind expression in its sustained level for the first time in English poetry. This is the Word at once inspired and revelatory, with the quality of multi-sided inevitability, all making it mantric. We shall see this aspect in some detail later...
In the course of her work, when Huta was doing painting on Savitri with her, the Mother commented on this description as follows: “Coming from the highest world, Savitri knew intuitively what should and would be the possibilities of the beings who will live upon earth. But the possibilities were already in Her because She had them from Her Origin. But, for the beings born upon earth and of earth-origin, they are to be acquired after a long transformation. She came to announce what could be and to show that it would be possible. But all the work upon earth was to be done and is yet mostly to be done and that means a long effort and serious preparation. To know not only that it is a possibility but that it is a certitude and will surely be when the time comes, helps the consciousness to make the necessary effort to hasten the advent of the right time. She came to show what could be and would be. And that gives the energy to fulfil. ” This is Savitri. RYD

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