June 09, 2007

The Auroville vision of the Mother will not be, and cannot be, with any religious connotation

Re: A New Name for SCIY? - "SCSC (Science, Culture & Supramental Consciousness)" by RY Deshpande on Fri 08 Jun 2007 07:20 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link Ron wants me to start off with my thoughts. Well, here is a beginning, a hazardous one:
Maybe the focus could be the World as Auroville in the perspectives of the society preparing itself in its vision, the Auroville vision of the Mother. When we say the Auroville vision of the Mother it will not be, and cannot be, with any religious connotation; it will be, in fact it has to be, a creative effort in the dynamism of our growing spirit and our soul.
To begin with, this vision will be necessarily, and understandably, in the realm of ideas and concepts,—perhaps even dreams readying themselves or poised for their materialisation. The formulation should take care of several aspects of the society, as well as of the individual, for such a development to make a meaningful start. There is a great place for thought and imagination in the promotion and perfection of the human potential and this could be a good way of initiating the process in the mental world of ours. To get ready for the self-perfection, to live and grow in the higher and nobler possibilities, could be the objective of this endeavour. Maybe, you could have a look at the last two postings of mine under This Outbreak of Perfection's Law:
Please add/subtract/modify to make it universally acceptable—of course, only if what I am saying makes any sense. RYD

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