June 28, 2007

International Centre for Integral Studies: Online Courses

International Centre for Integral Studies: Online Courses

ICIS, the higher education unit of The Gnostic Centre is starting postgraduate level online courses this year. Preparatory work for the following courses is under way:
Paradigms of Psychological Knowledge: A Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspective, by Dr. Suneet Varma
Introduction to Indian Culture: an Approach through Sri Aurobindo, by Dr. Kavita A. Sharma gnosticcentre.com/current_events 5:17 PM
The International Centre for Integral Studies (ICIS) is the Higher Education unit of The Gnostic Centre, for academic programmes.

Its aim is to open up a field of on-going higher education and research in all areas of human development so as to generate the understanding, responsibility and skills to respond adequately to the opportunities and problems of modernity and to create a better global future. (see: Preamble)
Online Postgraduate Courses
ICIS postgraduate courses are offered in the areas of:
Philosophy (Ph)
Consciousness Studies (CoS)
Social Studies (SoS)
Cultural Studies (CuS)
Creativity and Aesthetics (CrA)
Indian Studies (InS)
Sri Aurobindo Studies (SAS)
These courses may be taken for University credit leading to a Master of Arts degree in Integral Studies.

The courses are classified according to levels of required understanding as either beginner’s level, requiring a general undergraduate level of understanding (500) or higher level, demanding prerequisite reading and/or coursework, as determined by the instructor (550).
Courses under Preparation
ICIS is currently developing Online Postgraduate Courses to be offered from this year. The courses under preparation are:
Paradigms of Psychological Knowledge:
A Historical & Cross-Cultural Perspective
Dr. Suneet Varma (CoS – 550, 3 credits)

Introduction to Indian Culture:
An Approach through Sri Aurobindo
Dr. Kavita A Sharma (CuS, InS – 500, 3 credits)

The Philosophers of Evolution
Prof. Arabinda Basu (Ph – 550, 3 credits)

Vedic Studies in the Light of Sri Aurobindo
Vladimir (InS, SAS, 550 – 3 credits)
The details about the admission procedure, fee, curriculum etc. will be put up by September 2007 on this site. You can also contact ICIS at integralstudies@icis.org.in .
Online Study Session
ICIS also has a weekly Online Study Session on: Sri Aurobindo's book 'Life Divine' (Book Two, Part II). Every Friday morning (IST) 8am to 9.30 or 10.00am (US West Coast time: Thursday evening, 7.30 to 9.00 or 9.30pm) - The study is conducted over Skype, an internet based voice messaging system and is free. It is conducted by Dr. Debashish Banerji, director and faculty member of ICIS.
Instructions on how to participate in the Study Session
What you will need to participate are a computer with an online (preferably DSL or cable connection), headphones or speakers and a mike connected to your computer and a Skype Id (free). If you are unfamiliar with Skype but wish to participate, Please visit
On the top of the Skype screen, you will see a number of menu items. One of them says Download. Click on it. It will download Skype and also take you into a page which tells you what to do to install it and establish a Skype Id. Please let Debashish know this ID and we can include you in the conference. Debashish's id: debbanerji@yahoo.com If you have any difficulty with this process, please let Debashish have your phone number and he can lead you through the steps.

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