June 09, 2007

Eternal Force, Light, Beauty, Reality

Re: 14: This Outbreak of Perfection's Law by RY Deshpande on Sat 09 Jun 2007 06:28 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link Joy in her heart and laughter on her lips
In our life different parts of our being pulling us in different directions is a matter of daily occurrence. This is as truer in the individual as also in the collective social units or organisations. Each one asserts its own claim, mind with its fixed thoughts and ideas and theories, life-force quite often violently seeking the fulfilment of its desires, body with its dark mass of inertia refusing to change or respond to the higher gainful principle of aggregation and harmony. The age-old battle of life with matter finally leaves life in the hands of death; mind itself has to fight against the incapacity and limitation of body, as well as against the passions and cravings of life. Even when one rises beyond these, there is the quarrel of the spirit denying them all, its own needed instruments for growth.
We witness only the spectacle of the war of the members, each member with its own set objectives, they behaving like independent fiduciary heads, they all leading to these thousand discordances. This leads to weakness, one as if trying to defeat the other. We make new year resolutions, only to break them the next day. We will one thing and act in another way; our actions do not corroborate our ideals, our visions, our thoughts. Our impressive proposals and designs quite often lack the needed infrastructure for their successful implementation; we say they are not realistic and we make meaningless and absurd compromises.
Ours is Newton’s law of action-and-reaction, extended in another way to love and hatred, liking and prejudice, even to good and evil, joy and sorrow. In spite of the centuries-old warning we, knowing truth well, continue to get allured by falsehood. “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” That is what we are. Our ignorant will falls into error and before long incapacity and impotence take possession of it. The problem of existence reduces to the problem of establishing harmony, harmony between life and mind and body, and spirit too.
But in the new creation in the house of the spirit there is perfection, with harmony in perfection. Each one has its role to play and there are no conflicts. A harmony is woven between soul and soul, time in the flow of eternity acquires a divine character, there is concordance between act and will, what thought conceives gets materialised as fact. Life rushes everywhere in her joy, making in every activity of hers astounding discoveries. She surprises thought by her new creations, compels the breathing heart to dare the impossible, gives to truth a gleaming shape that it may express itself in a myriad truths, truths in their joy and awareness and their widening possibilities. No wonder “she never could exhaust its numberless thoughts and living dreams”. Hers is an ardent hunt of soul looking for soul, hers a seeking and a finding as of gods. They do seek and find, so must she.
Regarding life seeking perfection in the context of the gnostic race that must appear here, let us read a passage from The Life Divine: (pp. 984-85)
As mind seeks for light, for the discovery of knowledge and for mastery by knowledge, so life seeks for the development of its own force and for mastery by force: its quest is for growth, power, conquest, possession, satisfaction, creation, joy, love, beauty; its joy of existence is in a constant self-expression, development, diverse manifoldness of action, creation, enjoyment, an abundant and strong intensity of itself and its power.
The gnostic evolution will lift that to its highest and fullest expression, but it will not act for the power, satisfaction, enjoyment of the mental or vital ego, for its narrow possession of itself and its eager ambitious grasp on others and on things or for its greater self-affirmation and magnified embodiment; for in that way no spiritual fullness and perfection can come. The gnostic life will exist and act for the Divine in itself and in the world, for the Divine in all; the increasing possession of the individual being and the world by the Divine Presence, Light, Power, Love, Delight, Beauty will be the sense of life to the gnostic being. In the more and more perfect satisfaction of that growing manifestation will be the individual's satisfaction: his power will be the instrumentation of the power of Supernature for bringing in and extending that greater life and nature; whatever conquest and adventure will be there, will be for that only and not for the reign of any individual or collective ego.
Love will be for him the contact, meeting, union of self with self, of spirit with spirit, a unification of being, a power and joy and intimacy and closeness of soul to soul, of the One to the One, a joy of identity and the consequences of a diverse identity. It is this joy of an intimate self-revealing diversity of the One, the multitudinous union of the One and a happy interaction in the identity, that will be for him the full revealed sense of life. Creation aesthetic or dynamic, mental creation, life-creation, material creation will have for him the same sense. It will be the creation of significant forms of the Eternal Force, Light, Beauty, Reality,—the beauty and truth of its forms and bodies, the beauty and truth of its powers and qualities, the beauty and truth of its spirit, its formless beauty of self and essence.

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