August 14, 2007

Each student's progress is assessed by standards appropriate to him

Pondicherry Education without examination The Hindu Tuesday, August 14
Puducherry, Aug. 14 (PTI): Completing studies without facing a single examination and getting into a desired career is a distant dream for any student - but students of an institution here have been enjoying such a practice for years.
The Sri Aurobindo International Centre for Education here has been, for decades, following the model of 'voluntary pursuit of knowledge' and churning out young talents.
The authorities of the Ashram, speaking to PTI ahead of the 135th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo tomorrow, said the Centre for Education was set up in 1943 to realise the great philosopher's vision on education.
The 18 years of learning at the Centre covers three years in kinder-garten, 12 years of secondary education and three years of higher education. The final three years of higher education has been recognised by the Puducherry Territorial Administration as equivalent to graduation.
In the absence of examination, each teacher gives individual attention to the students and, upon assessment, they are promoted, said Manoj Das Gupta, Managing Trustee of the ashram.
"We believe that it would be irrational to set a uniform standard of progress for all students. Each individual is considered a special centre having his own unique rhythms and modes of progress. Each student's progress is assessed by standards appropriate to him."
"To ensure individual attention, we restrict the strength of students to 400," said Gupta.
The Centre which does not confer degrees, has been churning out students who have always successfully got into their preferred careers, said Matri Prasad, a faculty member.

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