August 02, 2007

You will get precisely that which you wish to have

Re: 17: An Ardent Prayer by RY Deshpande
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In the occult-spiritual working it is a well-known fact that, as a reward of your aspiration and yoga-tapasya, you will get what you ask for; you will get precisely that which you wish to have. The burden therefore lies entirely on the aspirant soul and he has to be extremely careful in making his choice, so to say, his demand. The Asuras, when they did extremely difficult tapasya, wanted power for self-aggrandisement; and they did get it but, ultimately, when things went against the law of the cosmic functioning they had to be eliminated.
You go to the temple and ask for fritters and the image has no difficulty in granting the fritters to you; what you ask and get depends entirely upon the quality and the strength of the plea you make, it depends upon the sort of sadhana you did, upon the nature of the spiritual self-control, regulation you observed, upon the intensity with which you followed the discipline...RYD

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