January 16, 2008

To miss reading Sri Aurobindo is just to miss the bliss of life

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aurobindo's writing and his existence on earth is proof enough of existence of god. words turns into flower and fragrance when the ink flows through his pen. for those who have been baffled with hymns of vedas and concluded in ignorance about silliness, deification and archaic language; should read this. through sri aurobindo the hymns will become poetry of creation, expressed in language that is at once allegorical as well revealing depending on your understanding. it will make one realise why chants of rig veda are distilled truths that has withstood the rigours of time and epoch. afterall that which is and is truth cannot be subject or object of human thought that fluctuates temporally or spatially? to miss reading aurobindo is just to miss the bliss of life. Comment Permalink
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Rating this book is like rating god for his creation-a joke of first order. This book is an eternal book, its language ancient, contemporary, futuristic and transcendant. the only way one can approach this book is in quiet contemplation and deep introspection. every thought, doubt and question that might have crossed the minds of humankind is addressed, explained. understanding this book is the puny first step. it needs to realised, acted, lived and revisited. that would be rare human who does not find this book has changed his/her life. one feels like annihilating oneself to greatness of this being. Comment Permalink
Initial post: Feb 23, 2007 3:04 PM PST M. Goswami says:
i would suggest the reader to read Aurobindo's the life divine where in mankind's supreme manisfestation none of his individuality would be lost. monkey to human, caused a leap in variety of personalities. why then a leap from human to superhuman would cause homogenisation? the different between now human and then human would be intuitive than reasoning, continuum than divisive, a all bliss rather evil and good, a harmony instead of discord, a gnostic rather than an agnostic or devout. God will be realised in its infinity and manisfestation. Reviews Written by M. Goswami (rockville, md United States)


  1. Can I have at any place on web, explanatory notes on Shri Aurobindo's epic poem - SAVITRI.

    - Please help me.


  2. Dear Seshagiri-ji

    It is nice to see that you have developed an interest in Savitri, but my suggestion will be: Be patient. You need not go by line-by-line at the outset, but be curious and try to read about it wherever the mouse leads you. There is a narrative that runs through the epic, but the more important aspect is the message. So, you can just read a few lines at random, re-read them, contemplate over them, or, may be, write a few lines by way of explanation; that's how you will have the pleasure of discovery.

    Yours fraternally,
    Tusar N. Mohapatra