January 09, 2008

What is this "Psychic Being"?

V. Narayanan
What is this "Psychic Being"? This is the question we have to tackle now. In this world, there are certain entities who can never be destroyed; neither do they 'die' nor are they 'created'! So, where are they existing? The answer lies in another question > "Have you ever experienced the 'infinity of Space' & 'the eternity of Time'?" . The human mind, the buddhi, can intellectually accept the concept of infinity&eternity. But it has no real time experience of it. Right? Well, the Psychic Beings are existing in that dimension, but right inside us, the humans. If you want to experience infinity&eternity, then you should bring forward the Psychic Being which should become your 'central being' in place of the 'mental ego'. The mental being is only a coordinator of your activities in mental nature. But the Psychic Being is the Boss, it possesses the 'whole of you'.
In fact, you are the Psychic Being. You have to evolve from the status of a mental being to the status of a psychic being! (If you can make any animal understand, tell them "You are a mental being and you can evolve from the status of a sense being to the status of a mental being(buddhi). The buddhi is involved in your 'manas'. Bring it forward and manifest it and become a human being")
We know that space is infinite but we are unable to experience it. Is there an 'infinite space' and a 'finite space'? Is there an 'eternal time' and a 'temporal time'? The answer is YES. In the experience of the temporal time, there is a past, present & future. But in the experience of the eternal time, there is only the 'moment'. The buddhi can tackle the experience of the temporal time, while the 'intuition' can tackle the experience of the eternal time. We may say that 'truths' are lined up in eternity and 'intuitions' bring it forward into temporal time and manifest it through 'buddhi'. Using computer terminology, we may say that all 'truths' are stored in a hard disk in eternity in a 'Server'. Intuition is the 'system software' which access these truths and bring it into the 'user software buddhi'. The human brain is the hardware of the front end terminal in material time where it gets converted to real time usage. This is what has happened in Einstein's brain when he declared his famous formula! These types of 'truth manifestations', we usually call 'genius'. But genius can be a full time faculty. It will be so for the superman... Posted by Narayanan at 3:13 AM

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