September 27, 2008

I apologize if the fact I have posed the question has caused anyone to feel that their guru has been disrespected

Science, Culture and Integral Yoga Re: Respect for spiritual master from Srimad Bhagavatamby Rich on Fri 26 Sep 2008 08:14 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

Rakesh, Your points are well taken, of course it is only natural to spontaneously respect ones dear ones and be devoted to them. However this is not the issue I have tried to raise which is namely that in many places both SA/M has stated Integral Yoga eschews traditional religious practice. It is not a religion

However. my experience and those of many many people whom I respect and who are very also devoted to the yoga is that many of the institutions of Integral Yoga have for all practical purposes become akin to religious institutions, and many followers seem to follow it as a variation of Hinduism, and not as a non-sectarian spiritual system.

Now if you do not agree with that then we have to agree to disagree, if you however, as I do, perceive a reification of the teaching into a traditional religious practice then one can honestly ask the question:

Why when IY was proclaimed to eschew religion has its institutions come to resemble traditional religious institutions and why do many of its followers resemble followers of traditional religious practice? If you even think the question is a valid one, perhaps you do not agree with the answer I have arrived at, and again we can agree to disagree.

But if you think the question regards how religion crept into IY is a meaningful one, then it begs a question, which I feel worthwhile to address. But that is something I feel compelled to do, because in my opinion the very religiosity that have crept into will stifle its relevance for the future, now maybe that is ultimately a right or wrong attitude but for many reasons the issue has relevance for me.

I apologize if the fact I have posed the question has caused anyone to feel that their guru has been disrespected, that certainly is not the intention. And although it may be hard for some to believe asking the question -and even coming up with a answer which seems to be a critique = has only increased my respect for Sri Aurobindo rich [7:34 AM]

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