September 23, 2008

This supramental level is to be attained through the practice of Integral Yoga

KANNADA Integral Yoga V. GOPALAKRISHNA The Hindu Tuesday, Sep 23, 2008
DIVYA JIVANA: Tr. by Ko. Chennabasappa of the original “The Life Divine” by Sri Aurobindo, Sri Aravinda Prakashana, Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore-560086, Rs.500.

TO INTERPRET Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual vision in any of our languages requires a lot of patience, learning and ability of expression. Since the celebrated Yogi experienced by dint of strict adherence to Yoga, his vision is a hard nut to crack especially for those who have no basic knowledge of the scriptures of our land. Viewed from this angle the translator of this magnum opus has succeeded in his endeavour to give the essence of this philosophical work to the Kannada readers in a simple and lucid style.

It is divided mainly into two parts each comprising 28 chapters. The first part discusses Brahman and the universe, and the second with spiritual evolution. Aurobindo in his philosophy of Absolute affirmation emphasises the essential factors such as faith in the scriptures, initiation by the Guru in addition to earnestness for spiritual realisation. He synthesises the best in the East and the West.

Regarded as a poet of patriotism, prophet of nationalism and a lover of humanity, Aurobindo says that man is a socio-religious and transitional being and is yet to proceed to a still higher level of existence. This supramental level is to be attained through the practice of Integral Yoga to enable him live in peace and joy. This divine life on the Earth can only come about by a spiritual change in our being. The foreword written to the first edition by poet laureate Kuvempu illuminates the volume.

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