March 10, 2009

Elements of a Psychology of Evolution

"Elements of a Psychology of Evolution" a talk by Thomas Dreyer ::: Unity Pavilion ::: Thu ::: 5:00 PM

Thomas Dreyer, of AVI-Germany, will present a talk on "Elements of a Psychology of Evolution" at Unity Pavilion, Thursday, March 12, at 5.00 PM
These elements of a Psychology of Evolution -- based on Sri Aurobindo's and Mothers writings on the topic -- were developed in context of a number of studies related to the overall theme of evolution, as a study on European history ranging from neolithic revolution to present time. posted by bhavana

University of Human Unity Seminar in Psychology of Social Development
Unity Pavilion ::: 9:30 AM

The Ever-Present Origin of Jean Gebser. The Mythical Structure of Consciousness (Power Point and discussion), by Vladimir.
All are welcome. posted by vladimir

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