March 26, 2009

Soliciting groups for 7 day camps to be held in village Kechla

AuroMira Service Society
March 26, 2009
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Tribal Areal Rural Living Experience with Health / Adventure Activities
We are soliciting groups for 7 day camps to be held in village Kechla (district Koraput, Orissa). Koraput is situated on the national highway between Visakhapatnam & Raipur. It is connected by direct trains to Howrah, Bhubaneswar, Rayagada (Orissa), Jagdalpur (Orissa) and Visakhapatnam.

Kechla, a conglomeration of several hamlets of purely tribal populace numbering some 1,400 souls in quite a wide region, is located on the shore of the Upper Kolab reservoir. The rugged terrain and clean air of Kechla with not even electricity to pollute the surroundings strikes the town dwellers as a special boon and is bound to be an unusually exhilarating experience. The campsite now boasts of solar pump & windmill to draw water, solar lights, and solar heating for water.

Campsite: In July 2004, Auro-Mira Service Society (AMSS) started a project in this backward area of Orissa at Kechla. Initially twenty-two acres of land alongside a peninsula of the Kolab River Reservoir surrounded by rolling hills is the project site. This part of Orissa is quite underdeveloped. AMSS envisages to accomplish the following objectives in this developmental project:

Tree plantation on the project site as well as on the denuded hilly terrain in the vicinity
Educational facilities for the tribal village
Cashew nut processing unit for the tribal village
Improved infrastructure. Better roads, boats.
Mainstreaming of the tribal populace
Keywords describing this camp : Environment; Health; Adventure; Rural living experience

THE activities of the camp will include Environment – Tree planting; Impeding soil erosion; Health – General health awareness. Talks and workshops on Healthy nutrition. Techniques for long-term care of heart & the circulatory system; lungs & the respiratory system; eyes & vision; ears & hearing; vertebral column & joints; teeth & gums; skin & hair, etc. A good grounding in teaching of appropriate asanas, pranayama, and routines to accomplish these objectives will depend on the duration of the camp. Keep-fit exercises

Adventure: Rappelling, and river-crossing. Swimming. Treks.

Fun: Learn folk-dances from Europe and the Middle EastIntegration: Interaction with tribal people, rugged rural living

OTHER ACTIVITIES may include Yoga/Keep Fit, Local Sight Seeing, Games, Meditation, Talks and Discussions, Cultural Presentations by participants, etc.

DISCIPLINE: A strict discipline is maintained throughout and all participants are required to follow the rules and regulations of the Institution and to uphold the sanctity of the place. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the Campus and drinking and use of drugs are forbidden during the entire period of the camp.

LODGING: Dormitory style, separate for males and females, with coir or foam matting. Participants will need to bring 2 sheets, pillow, and a blanket or sleeping bag.

FOOD: Nutritious & entirely vegetarian. We seek cooperation in matters of food. Since people participate from many states & family backgrounds, it is not possible for us to satisfy everybody's taste.

MEDICAL: Organisers will not be responsible for any accidents or illness. All medical expenses will have to be borne by the participants themselves.

Schools and college students can perhaps avail of educational tour discount. Telescopic tickets to Koraput should be economical by sleeper class even from distant places. Few Pictures from Camps held at Kechla (Please send us your email identity so that you can be invited to view more pictures in a picasa album)
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