March 17, 2009

We no longer live in the times of either-or

Re: The Core Problem
by koantum on Mon 16 Mar 2009 05:47 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link

Dear All, The points I would have raised in response to Kepler's comments here and with regard to my review of his review of The Book have indeed mostly been made by now. The gist is of course that we no longer live in the times of either-or.

As the Mother once exclaimed in the course of a conversation, it's not this OR that but this AND that AND that...

No individual effort counts for much, but all together and the Force that secretly concerts them do. I would like to draw your attention to the article "Transformations and Transformers: Spirituality and the Academic Study of Mysticism" by G. William Barnard in the last issue of AntiMatters ( Those with little time should at least read the passages marked by sidebars. Reply

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