October 22, 2010

Feeling of superiority is simply a statement of facts

George Nakashima was inspired by Shaker furniture By Anonymous 1:10 AM Friday 22 October 2010
There is always lots to be learned from anyone leading a pursuit of perfection.
Indians and devotees of various ashrams here, (incl. Sri Aurobindo Ashram/Auroville), have something to learn from them. Leaving alone for a moment the claim that our God and knowledge is greater than everybody's, and we have all the answers to save and change the world (give these glorious and ancient benefits of ours a rest for sometime to enable to rejuvenate themselves), and learn something else even if it is funny. Funnily these communities do not proclaim anything or superiority and work quietly, which is what is best.
[Some people never learn anything because they understand everything too soon.   - Alexander Pope]

Posted by Gopal on August 22, 2008 at 8:30 pm ... Superiority Complex of "some" of devotees of Sri Aurobindo....
Dear All, Thanks a lot for Guiding me through the T & A, post. Barin dada drew our attention towards the self-righteousness, a sense of social dignity, and ego-consciousness, which is a shadow of the individual aspect of the Supreme. here i guess i need to discuss something which i have been observing with many of my fellow devotees of The Mother and The Master. there are some people among us who feel very superior over the others because they are the followers of Sri Aurobindo, or for practicising Integral Yoga. They even go to an extent that they will announce the rest of the teachings, or philosophies are myth. some even tend to propagate the Masters vision like missionaries, though i have come across some words of The Master and The Mother to not to do so. they even like to overpower others beliefs...
the other one is a sort of egoistic statement. i am a follower of Sri Aurobindo, and i am following a philosophy which is beyond all the philosophies so far....on the surface it may not seem like an egoistic statement, but in the core what lurks is...i am superior than the this a right attitude? what The Mother and Master have said about such an attitude? — 3 Comments (Add

 Comment by Barindranath Chaki
Dear Gopal, it is a good question. The ideas in this regard which are in your mind definitely need a solution. But before answering this question, I may be questioning myself, as to whether I am committing the same mistake when I am answering you. Because, I am certain that what i am going to present here is perfectly true and correct, but when I am presenting them before you, one may have the impression that I am stating and emphasizing my statements in an egoistic way, or in a missionary way [two are different things].
In all that you have told, there are several things. I am touching them one by one.

The Teaching of Sri Aurobindo, if we analyze rationally and philosophically, is a TURNING POINT in the history of all human endeavours. All philosophies are surpassed by Him, especially, because it is a great Synthesis. All previous thoughts and realizations of true value and worth are synthetized by Sri Aurobindo. None of the previous Realizations are left by Him. He opposes nothing. Nobody opposes Him, philosophically. But each of the previous teachings and discoveries [spiritual or philosophical] form a part in His Synthesis. So, naturally, when you find what Sri Aurobindo has taught us is the most unique and most universal Realization, you have the idea that He has surpassed all other things, all other teachings, and therefore all religions!
And when I will say that, one may have the Idea that I am having a feeling of superiority. But no! That is simply a statement of facts. What Sri Aurobindo has said to us is a New Truth — the truth about a New and Higher plane of Consciousness, the Supramental Consciousness, which will solve all the human problems. But that will be done only when we are ready for that. If we, the followers, think that His Teaching is just one of many Teachings, His discovery is one of the many discoveries, then we are mistakes! His truth is the final truth, at this moment. It has to be accepted and followed. Or else, we will meet ABYSS.
The Mother has told us: Men, countries, continents! The choice is imperative: Truth or the abyss.
When They [The Mother and sri Aurobindo] have brought the Truth and the New Consciousness and Force on earth, They have also chosen some persons as Their instruments, bigger or smaller. And Their forces are active though those instruements! And Some of the instruments feel their Work to be a Mission. So thay are often forced to take a missionary spirit. That is different from Ego. Ego or egoistic attitude is definitely bad, as it will lead nowhere. And our task is to go ahead. Hence, we shall have a clear understanding, a clear vision and a straight march ahead! Barin Chaki 22-08-08 11-14 PM. 8:57 AM, 9:34 AM 

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