October 06, 2010

Infallibility of the seer-vision of the Avatar of the Supramental

(in two volumes) edited by: Matthijs Cornelissen, Girishwar Misra, & Suneet Varma, published by: Longman, Pearson Education, New Delhi. Volume I is available now; Volume II is scheduled to come out by the end of October.
Volume 1: Concepts and Theories
Karan Singh   Preface
Editors           Introduction
Aster Patel    The psychological perspectives of our times... Three shifts of a rhythm. For the contents, click here.
Indian Psychology: New Arrival : Foundations of Indian Psychology by देशराज सिरसवाल
On the Vedic symbolism in the light of Sri Aurobindo 5. Kundan Singh Beyond mind: The future of psychology as a science 6. John Pickering Indian psychological thought in the age of globalization. Section 2: Self and personality ...
It is Sethna’s characteristic that even in this most intellectual pursuit, the dissection of the vexed questions concerning the Harappa Culture, his inspiration is drawn from Sri Aurobindo. Repeatedly he returns to this fountain-head for sustaining his arguments, building firmly on his faith in the infallibility of the seer-vision of the Avatar of the Supramental. An implacable honesty is what places Sethna head-and-shoulders above scholars setting out to prove a preconceived thesis.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust does not Approve The Lives of Sri Aurobindo · Poetry Time: 25 September 2010—To be, or not to be ...
Tabla prodigy regaled with stories mins before show Times of India
Gopika, who settled down in Auroville with French companion Nadaka, asserts that Keshav has all the qualities required to become a successful artiste. ...
Gnostic Return in Modernity by Cyril O'Regan  - Jul 2001

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