June 20, 2011

Chapter by Chapter psychological understanding of The Life Divine

The Life Divine - By Dr. Soumitra Basu
The Life Divine, the magnum opus of Sri Aurobindo is the agenda of the New Age, the log book of the trajectory of Consciousness that aims to manifest the Highest Truth in its totality of Knowledge and Power in the present world of imperfection and chaos.
Is that possible? How can we be free from the chains of ignorance, suffering, falsehood and death in earthly life itself?
Religions have given solutions in other worlds. The Semitic traditions promised heavenly berths for virtuous lives. Shankaracharya opined that the world of human transactions was false and the Absolute was the only Truth that could be perceived. Buddhists agreed that the world was false but they considered that the perception of the Absolute was false too. For both the traditions, the only solution was not to be born again.
The world had to wait for a solution in earthly life itself. Sri Aurobindo for the first time gives that solution in The Life Divine. In the process, he charts a new, untrodden map of consciousness that leads to an evolutionary growth manifesting new and latent powers embodied in higher models of the human being.
He not only conceptualized the manifestation of a new species of homo sapiens that surpasses the present mental consciousness but also used his Yogic powers to activate the process so that we do not , miss the chance of evolutionary growth due to our own folly, ignorance and obstinacy.
In the process he triggers off the development of new schools of Yoga, Psychology, Development, Ethics, Metaphysics and Philosophy. He explains for the first time satisfactorily how the Infinite beyond Space and Time manifests as the finite within the constraints of Space and Time. He opens up a new trajectory of Consciousness.
The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo's magnum opus and His blue-print for the human race is one of the most serious world-literature to study, deduce implications in life, yoga as well as in applied research. In status, it is a veritable Veda, a consummation of the human spiritual quest impregnated with the potentiality of the future. This book has been so long approached from philosophical, theological, mystical and spiritual perspectives. IIYP has undertaken a Chapter by Chapter psychological understanding of The Life Divine. No doubt this is a very difficult task as metaphysical concepts have to be manifested in psychological fields. This can only be possible because The Life Divine is not a mere theoretical construct but an experiential reality
List of the Articles Available
1.         A psychological Approach to Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine : SET – I Dr. Soumitra Basu            Old           
2.         A psychological Approach to Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine : CHAP V Dr. Soumitra Basu            Old           
3.         A psychological Approach to Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine : CHAPTER V Post Script – I to IV Dr. Soumitra Basu          Old     
7.         A psychological Approach to Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine : CHAPTER VI Dr. Soumitra Basu  Old           
8.         A psychological Approach to Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine : CHAPTER VI POST SCRIPT – I Dr. Soumitra Basu          Old     
No.      Article            Author            Status Download
1.         Nomenclature Apropos of Sri Aurobindo's Psychological System : A historical Note and Reappraisal (Published in Mother India , Vol. LVIII, No. 10 , 2005. in Sri Aurobindo Ashram  journal Dr. Soumitra Basu and Dr. K. Krishna Mohan     Old     
2.         Non - Local Research and Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy (Published in "I nit iat ion - Spiritual Insights on Life, Art, and Psychology" by "Sri Aurobindo Society, Hyderabad" : First Edition, 2004) Michael Miovic            New   
3.         The Organismic Psychology of Andras Angyal in Relation to Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Integral Nondualism (Published in "The Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo - A Commemorative Symposium Edited by Haridas Chaudhuri and Frederic Spiegelberg" by GEORGE ALLEN & UNWIN LTD.) RICHARD P. MARSH     New   
4.         Psychotherapy - a spiritual approach Dr. Alok Pandey New   
5.         The Amazing phenomenon of extra-sensory perception of nuclear structure and subatomic particles Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan            New   
7.         The Caste System Of India - An Aurobindonian Perspective Dr. Soumitra Basu      New   
8.         Time and Health                  
9.         Summary of The National Workshop        Dr. Soumitra Basu   New   
MIRRAVISION TRUST is named after Mirra Alfassa, the Mother of Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram, Pondicherry who is the executrix of Sri Aurobindo’s vision as well as his spiritual collaborator in the new evolutionary world of manifesting future models of human being. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry has graciously allowed MIRRAVISION TRUST to use as a logo for the Institute for Integral Yoga Psychology, an emblem (a modified Sri Aurobindo’s symbol) designed by the Mother Herself and given to Dr. A.S. Dalal for a new defunct center in East Africa.
Mirravision food and herbals is a food-unit manufacturing healthy farm-based  food  products (jams,  pickles , vegetable  sauces)   whose  profits  will  support  Mirravision Trust (the sponsor of Institute for Integral Yoga Psychology)
The Life Divine, the magnum opus of Sri Aurobindo is the agenda of the New Age, ... The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo's magnum opus and His blue-print for the ...
Train of thoughts halts at Cantonment Indian Express Posted on Jun 20, 2011
While the first concentrates on the earlier and formative years, the latter represents his teachings and morals along with his decision on attending the Parliament of Religion in Chicago, in 1893. His address at the Parliament of Religion is also framed.
The board at the far end of the second coach summons the exhibition with Swami Vivekananda’s signature and one-liners from personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sri Aurobindo.
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