June 18, 2011

We change the world by changing ourselves

Dr. Rebello would change the future by resurrecting a four year old programme. The discussion on the previous post initiated by him makes no dent on his approach. The second independence is the freedom from our little selves - we change the world by changing ourselves. Baba Ramdev is a case of point. He started with the strong advantage of four ministers waiting for his arrival at the airport, that is how seriously the government took his agitation, but blew it up by placing himself above his cause. As a teacher of the ancient wisdom, he should have known better. Anna Hazare is discovering to his chagrin the stonewalling capacity of the established interests that do not want change. The problem is age old. The Indian establishment also resisted Sri Aurobindo: Aurobindo’s Opposition
There are a few web site that have so distorted the truth of issues surrounding the Lives of Sri Aurobindo as to be almost comical in their presentation of events. The blog Savitri Era which acts as the apologist for the worst fundamentalist tendencies in a fraction of the "Mother's devotees" is perhaps better called the Savitri Scandal Era due to its editorial policy. In spite of its mostly incoherent posts Savitri Era perhaps best qualifies to be called the scandal sheet of Integral Yoga because of the new lows that it sinks to on an almost daily basis in mounting personal attacks on individuals. But even the Savitri Era hardly matches the audacity of conceit and muddled thinking of the blog called the Mirror of Tomorrow (MOT). Posted in Purna Yoga/Praxis | 1 Comment
Note the following words—“presumably”, “does not seem”, “seems to have”, “may have”, “would have”. Is this history or guesswork?
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