June 22, 2011

Churn the abstract thought of Sri Aurobindo

Centre for Sri Aurobindo Studies, Jadavpur University Co-ordinator Of Centre: Prof. INDRANI SANYAL Ph.: 2414-6666 (O) Extn:2638 
Giant strides in Science and Technology, mass political awakening, increasing interaction among people of diverse faiths, cultures and value systems, globalization of economy creating greater social and economic mobility during the last century have released new forces in the process of evolution which need to be channelised and harnessed fruitfully for constructive purposes. This requires concurrent transformation in the inner dimensions of human personality by horizontal and vertical expansion of consciousness levels. Education, refashioned remodelled and re envisioned, to meet the needs of emerging trends, has to play a seminal role in the future destiny of man on earth.
            The University of Lucknow believes that the philosophic base provided by Sri Aurobindo, is fertile enough for the saplings of present and future Indian Education. What is required today is to plough the field. There is a need of a platform on which scholars of diverse disciplines assemble and churn the abstract thought of Sri Aurobindo and bring out an educational plan and sound research base where experiments in theory and practice of education on lines of Sri Aurobindo may be done and tested. Keeping this in mind a centre of Sri Aurobindo Studies was established in the year 2008 under the auspices of U.G.C. scheme of epoch making social thinkers. Coordinator: Prof. Subodh Kumar. Assistant Coordinator: Dr. Amita Bajpai
Purpose of the Centre   
1.                  The centre will act as a nodal centre devoted to collection, conservation and preservation of primary and secondary sources of information and to collect the research studies and projects as completed so far on Sri Aurobindo.
2.         The centre will act as a platform for interaction and exchange of ideas of the scholars belonging to divergent fields of knowledge and higher level thinking and critique.
3.         The centre will also endeavour to find out possibilities to infuse Sri Aurobindo’s thought at various plug points in the Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses as well as the curricula of various Social Science and Teacher Education Programmes run by different University Departments.
4.         The purpose of the centre will also be to formulate research projects and implement the same.
VISION: Integral Development and growth of an individual through an in depth study and understanding of life, as a result of the true synthesis of  all encompassing information, native purpose of learning and the wisdom, enabling one to attain perfection and transformation into an enlightened being. 
MISSION: To bring to the students and the staff an opportunity to arrive at the understanding of the fundamental principles of Integral  Education in the Light of Sri Aurobindo, the prophet of modern philosophy, and the founder of National Education Concept.
ESTABLISHMENT: 24th November, 1995.  E-Magazines
1. DR. H. MAHESHWARI: 24th November 1995 to 19th November, 1997 
2  DR. DEVKINANDAN SRIVASTAVA: 3rd July 1998 to 15th April 2001 
3. DR. DILAVARSINH  JADEJA : 17th April 2001 to 26th June 2003 
4. DR. DAYASHANKAR MISHRA : 1st September 2003 to 31st August 2006. 
5. DR. PRADEEPKUMAR SINGH : 1st September 2006 to 31st Augst 2008 
6. DR. BHALENDU VAISHNAV : 1st December 2008 onwards
Coming to naturalists, they have a dismissive way of answering almost anything. To the believer, creation of life on earth is one of the manifestations of God in nature. To a naturalist, this is nothing but an accident of evolutionary processes; life simply evolved out of matter. But, as Sri Aurobindo pointed out, if the naturalists were asked how life could evolve out of matter or why evolutionary processes acted this way instead of any other, they would be in difficulty. A satisfactory answer is possible only if we accept the Upanishadic view that life is already present in matter in a dormant or veiled form. In the Geeta, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, "Basudevah sarbamiti", that is, everything in the universe is impregnated with divinity. […]
It will therefore be more consistent with the universal trend to hope, as Sri Aurobindo did, that the same process that planted life in matter and mind in life will some day develop higher and higher levels of consciousness in us to realize, or should we say to be one with, God. Finally, to end this brief reverie, evolution is a long-drawn-out process. To reassure those who are impatient and are not prepared to wait that long, it can be said that they can attain within their life-time the same goal by their revolutionary individual efforts, as Lord Buddha did. So, there is no reason for despair. [The above is based, in parts, on some ideas taken from Sri Aurobindo's "The Life Divine"] Sri Aurobindo's Writings - The Mother's Collected Works [Human quest for unity and harmony: A psycho-spiritual approach in the light of Sri Aurobindo (Sri A.B. Patel memorial lectures)  H MaheshwariSri Aurobindo and His Contemporary ThinkersIndrani SanyalUnderstanding Thoughts of Sri Aurobindo Sanyal; INdrani and Krishna Roy]

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