February 17, 2013

Critics like Sri Aurobindo and Coomarswamy didn’t treat cinema under culture

Prayers to Sri Annai: Sri Aurobindo Devotees Trust, Sais Balika Vidya Mandir, Azad Road, 9.30 a.m.; Sri Annai Meditation Centre, W7C, Kovaipudur, 4 p.m.

Saturday, 16 February 2013 - Sri Aurobindo's Rourkela School According to Sri Aurobindo's Vision. And the target of the school is to make student forward towards the New Era By putting them into the practice of Integral...
The  Nightingale of Sri Aurobindo's Rourkela School, Sector-5, Odisha - Mrs Bandana Mohanty An instrument of Divine's field of Music

The following are the main passages of the Court Order given by the 2nd Additional Munsif of the Puducherry Court in Radhikaranjan’s case. An oral order was given on 5 December, 2012 followed by a written order on 8 February, 2013 restraining the Ashram Trustees from stopping Radhikaranjan’s classes in the Ashram School.

The craftsman and the craft grown inly one. Achieve perfection by the magic throb. And passion of their close identity. Savitri Sri Aurobindo.

Affirming the beauty and splendour of her law she claims life as her natural domain. Beauty and Art awake the joy which sleeps in all things made. A mighty victory or a mighty fall, a throne in heaven or a pit in hell find justification in the fact that something is got done, something lived. No wonder, it is the soul which is the ground for Matter, it is the cause of Matter. On inner values is prepared the plan. This world’s apparent sensible design becomes vibrant. Here is a mind which is not limited by senses, powers that are not seen come out in front and reveal their faces. The occult is no more occult, and all becomes palpable and obvious. 

The ultimate realization: Aurobindo’s philosophical and mystical glow is through an integral view of man, Nature and will change the face of the world. In Savitri, his masterpiece he succeeds to a great extent in expressing hoist mystic experiences and yogic realizations. Aurobindo arrives at the conclusion that releases for bondage and changer with the secret knowledge, the soul a chives a complete spiritual transformation Savior is cast for minutely cosmic role of struggle and redemption, and is the incarnation of Divine mother. Savitri is both the response and the resulting transformation. Conclusion: Sri Aurobindo is a skillful craftsman in the use of blank verse and felicity in poetic expression. His grand and mystic style in poetic works are ample testimony of his stupendous achievements. 

Kancha Ilaiah: Even if 10% dalit children got English education, India would change from Opinion, Editorial, Columnists and Reviews The Times of India Kancha Ilaiah is a political scientist, writer and dalit activist.

Sample Chapter for Aravamudan, S.: Guru English: South Asian Religion in a Cosmopolitan Language Srinivas Aravamudan Book Description -  Endorsements - Table of Contents - Adobe Acrobat PDF format Introduction - Imbued with a knowledge of objective sciences by English education, our people will be able to comprehend subjective truths. --Bankimchandra Chatterjee, Anandamath

Katju speaks the 'unpleasant truth': 90% of Indians are fools Firstpost - The 90% - Indian Express Mon Apr 09 2012, Markandey Katju -  The unpleasant truth: 90 per cent of Indians are fools…
In our shastras it is written: "Satyam bruyat, priyam bruyat, na bruyat satyam apriyam." It means, "Speak the truth, speak the pleasant, but do not speak the unpleasant truth." I wish to rectify this. The country's situation today requires that we say "Bruyat satyam apriyam", i.e. "Speak the unpleasant truth". 

Ashis Nandy and the Cultural Politics of Selfhood - Christine Deftereos - gives the reader an insight into a novel aspect of Nandy. The author insists that Ashis Nandy is not merely a self-described political psychologist; he is also an intellectual street fighter who comes face to face with the psychology of politics and the politics of psychology, thus affirming why this intellectual is one of the most original and confronting Indian thinkers of his generation. The main features of this book are its original reading and the authentic use of the psychoanalytic theory to characterise and demonstrate the importance of psychoanalysis in Nandy's work. Read More...

Narratives Of Indian Cinema - Page 26 - Manju Jain - 2009 - Preview impress upon filmmakers the need to make films with powerful social and educational themes. even critics of this time like aurobindo ghosh and ananda Coomarswamy, who wrote extensively about art and culture, made little attempt either to treat cinema as a rich and varied register of popular culture or to understand the new regime of aesthetics that it had inaugurated.
Colonial Displacements: Nationalist Longing and Identity Among ... - Page 191 - Paromita Biswas - 2008 - Preview As scholars such as Peter van der Veer and others have argued, this investment by male nationalists of the figure of the woman with superior strength, for instance Aurobindo or Bankim's portrayal of the nation as the mother goddess, was a ...
'Photos of the Gods': The Printed Image and Political Struggle in ... - Page 100 - Chris Pinney - 2004 - Preview - More editions A key element in Peter van der Veer's study of what he calls 'religious nationalism', is the claim that it is the result of the ... reference for religious nationalists today: the translation above, by Shri Aurobindo, is taken from the Bharatiya Janata ... Beyond appearances?: visual practices and ideologies in modern India - Page 142  - Sumathi Ramaswamy - 2003
Religious Freedom in India: Sovereignty and (Anti) Conversion - Page 105 - Goldie Osuri - 2012 - Preview - More editions open reading that Vasudevan calls for (which redirects Phalke's cinema towards a Gandhian desire for the ... ... framework of Hindu nationalism” through the institution of canonical texts such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata in print literature as discussed by Peter van der Veer (2001). van der Veer argues, for example, that “it was Aurobindo's idea, in his Foundations of Indian Culture, that the Mahabharata and the Ramayana constitute the essence of...
Nation and Religion: Perspectives on Europe and Asia - Page 84 Peter Van Der Veer, Hartmut Lehmann - 1999 - Preview - More editions Perspectives on Europe and Asia Peter Van Der Veer, Hartmut Lehmann ... notion of primordial Indian racial qualities, and also in the thought of Gandhi's precursors, notably Aurobindo, who conceived of nationality as a more spiritual force but ...
The Guru in South Asia: New Interdisciplinary Perspectives - Page 209 Jacob Copeman, Aya Ikegame - 2012 - Preview - More editions Cosmopolitan spirituality in Rishikesh Aravamudan identifies Guru English as the most recognizable form of South Asian cosmopolitanism and Aurobindo as not only the first modern guru but one who ... 2002:10, see also van der Veer 2002b).  9:03 pm

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