February 06, 2013

To the work Sri Aurobindo initiated The Mother gave a concrete form

Re: [TheBecoming] Re: Video: Debate on Identity with Indian American Youth (WAVES) Posted By: Sandeep Joshi Sat Jan 5, 2013 > Gulati: Peter Heehs raised a considerable controversy within the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and outside, with his thesis that Sri Aurobindo was not a Hindu.
The solution to this debate might be to separate Hinduism into spiritual and cultural aspects. Then we can state that Sri Aurobindo was spiritually Hindu but culturally indifferent, just as some Indians are culturally Hindu but spiritually ignorant (or atheists or Marxist...).

1) No institution that today carries or attaches to itself the name of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother should be automatically assumed to represent their direct will in all its operations. In the absence of direct guidance from their founders all organizations are prone to go their own way as they think fit and err in the finite wisdom, and in certain cases the infinite stupidity, of their all too human leadership. The attempt to decrypt the occult vision and will of the original founders, in this case Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, by extrapolating from the casual and meandering e-mails of a few individuals or even the policies and procedures of independent institutions functioning in their Name would almost surely end up in misconceptions and wrong notions, at times of the most exaggerated sort. 
2) The sheer scope and scale of the life and work of the Mother demands a careful and circumspect assessment to even approach her reality. Viewed simply in its ordinary human dimensions the Mother's life gives the impression of an uninterrupted sacrifice, a living yagna, dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and to all that his birth and life represent. To the work he initiated she gave a concrete form and a growing life in the world, and through it she has brought to countless fortunate souls the touch, the brahma-sparsha, of Sri Aurobindo and her own deep, unconditional and nurturing love. 

The Need for Humility : An Indispensable Quality from At the Feet of The Mother a talk by Alok Pandey Tuesday, 5th February 2013 at Hall of Harmony, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India.
The Divine Action upon the world is not easily understood by humanity. The pressure of the Divine Force is received poorly because we are often shut up in the small glass case of the ego. We have our preferences, attachments, opinions about everything leaving little scope for the Divine to act or if He does so, to be understood. No wonder the forces that are ever active to disrupt the pilgrim use this pride and arrogance of man to cause his downfall. The one safety against the attack of these forces hostile to Yoga is Humility. The other helpful qualities are sincerity and vigilance. The following talk is based on the need of this indispensable quality called Humility. 

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He was passionate about the source of Hinduism as revealed in his major opus cited above. His aim was to reveal its psycho-spiritual ‘secret’ in the effort to restore that ‘soul of knowledge’ in those new foundations of Hinduism which Swami Vivekananda had foreseen.
I have followed Sri Aurobindo’s lead, not because of any ‘Aurobindonian orthodoxy’ which has been rearing its stifling head of late, but because my own yoga drew me along the very same path until I returned to the same source (The New Way, Vol. 2)' Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, 'The Choice of Cosmic Truth or Superstition'

India's Auroville shows the way in green living Deutsche Welle (press release) - Date 05.02.2013 Author Johanna Treblin/sp Editor Sumi Somaskanda
The “global village” is named after Sri Aurobindo, an Indian philosopher who was ... He liked the ideas of Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa to shape a “conscious” ... “Auroville is unique,” political scientist Karen Litfin from the University of Washington who's currently writing a book on so-called “ecological villages.”

The concept of Sustainable Development is now universally accepted by all development thinkers. However in a more integral perspective, the concept and the.

He came to his mystical life in college via the reading of Sri Aurobindo, the Indian metaphysician who encouraged a form of traditional sannyasa or celibate ...

This post contains my personal notes and reflections of the chapter called The Human Aspiration from The Life Divine written by Sri Aurobindo. Man wants to ...

What is striking from the perspective of this book is that Sri Aurobindo could see no way of combining the pursuit of the spiritual and that of the political. For him the essence of the Indian mind was spirituality – not the whole of it, but ''the ...

Sri Aurobindo knew this in 1923 when he sagely remarked, “Allow the Hindus to organize themselves and the Hindu-Muslim unity would take care of itself…

Characteristics of Ancient Indian polity - by Kittu Reddy, based on Sri Aurobindo's writings. ... Sri Aurobindo remarked that the system allowed for a very ...

In our ongoing attempt to infuse moral significance into everything that happens in the world, we frequently imply that events and forces occurring in the physical ...

Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. Published by Centre for Sri Aurobindo Studies, Jadavpur University, in Association with Decent Books, New Delhi.

I discovered that our family of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother may rather not be well informed and learned on this tremendous upcoming change of reading so far and they are needed to be facilitated and get benefits of spiritual and mental progresses by this utility soon or later. And also I discovered that there are no appropriate book formats of the works of the Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and of the other disciples of them too… Perhaps somebody might notice that “Bases of Yoga” now “more friendly” than before – It had been updated.

It took us more than fifty days to cover almost the whole of Orissa 28 May 2008  - Babaji had a sincere collaborator in the form of Professor Prapatti who did the ploughing of the field if Babaji can be thought to have sown the seeds. Savitri Era Learning Forum: Matrubhaban, a place of pilgrimage 7 Feb 2006 - One of the stalwarts of the Sri Aurobindo movement in Orissa was Sri Prapatti (Professor K.C.Pati), who sowed the seeds of this movement and gave it the dynamism it now has acquired by his indefatigable zeal in the early ... 9:55 pm

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