February 04, 2013

Permanent Black at Orient Blackswan and Western aesthetic of drabness where dull, bland colours are revered

2.Feb.2013 Joya di' Birthday celebrations - Special Assembly, Rangoli tribute, Inter-school Flower-arrangement and Painting competition...

We generally approach the world and life with an overlay of the moral and ethical viewpoint that we would like to see operative there. We tend to try to shape the ...

The ignorance in which we live is a sevenfold self-ignorance; an ignorance of the Absolute and knowledge only of the relations of being and becoming; ... Ignorance is an initial state of knowledge the essence of which is to create a sense of limitation and division; it is this which we have to overcome and transcend without creating an opposite self-limitation. The integral aim of our existence can only be the possession and power and joy of our integral self-knowledge. Words By Sri Aurobindo Arya. 02.1916 / 04.1917

These are Sri Aurobindo’s reflections on his Karmayogin writings, including the pieces seen above: Conversation dated 28 Jan, 1926
Sri Aurobindo: It is always very disappointing to read one’s own writing. One feels how ignorant one was! (A B Purani, Evening Talks With Sri Aurobindo, vol 1 p 259)

The only means to “increase economic output” is by visible humans using capital and knowledge in some known productive processes in pursuit of objectives that supply real wealth – the annual output of “necessaries, conveniences and amusements”, as Smith called it, to consumers. 
The most satisfactory ways to organize such activities is by entrepreneurial-led endeavours in markets and their very visible prices (if possible) or by state-sponsored activities if necessary. (Markets cannot operate outside a system of justice. No people will be enjoy opulence for long or at all without stable government and its essential services). Waiting for “invisible hands” to carry out these activities is akin to the watching ‘Waiting For Godot”.

The English-speaking world has what appears to me as an unfortunate aesthetic of drabness, where dull, bland colours are revered in the name of “restraint” and “subtlety” and “good taste”… I’m perhaps most annoyed in the West by the drabness of men’s clothing. 

Routledge's Twain Cabin from Taylor & Francis India Blog by Rimina - Feb 3, 2013
Among early bestsellers were: Uncle Tom's Cabin (1853) ­— of which nearly 500,000 copies were sold during the time — and about 1,060 volumes in the Railway Library series (1848).  Also noteworthy were Mark Twain’s Roughing It (1872), illustrating many of Twain's early adventures through the Wild West, including a ‘visit to Salt Lake City, gold and silver prospecting, real-estate speculation, a journey to the Kingdom of Hawaii, and his beginnings as a writer’, and A Curious Dream, and Other Sketches (1872) ­— both of which predate the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884)…
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group will be at the World Book Fair, Hall 6, Stalls 101–8, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 4–10 February 2013.   
We've been told there will be French food and French films (and books) at the bookfair. Plus all the usual suspects -- Permanent Black included. Come and see all we've published since you last visited! It only happens for one week in the year so don't miss it. Who knows what friends, bargains and books you will find.
As usual our stand will be a part of the Orient Blackswan stall. Details below. NEW DELHI WORLD BOOK FAIR 2013 Pragati Maidan Hall 4, Stall Nos 164–175 (Entry from Gate No. 2, Bhairon Marg) February 4–10 2013 11:00 a.m. to 8 p.m.
web version You are invited: Visit SAGE at the 21st New Delhi World Book Fair 2013 at Hall No 1R, Stall No B15 – 28. Best entry from Gate No 2 on Bhairon Road and Gate No 5 on Mathura Road. SAGE is inviting applications for The Tejeshwar Singh Memorial Fellowships 2013. The last date for submission is 31st March 2013! APPLY NOW! 

February 6 & 7, 2013 New Delhi Centre for Indian Classical Dances, Dr. Sonal Mansingh present the XIth Jivan Pani Memorial Festival. Sonal Mansingh has fondly kept alive the memories of Jivan Pani, a scholar, poet and authority on Indian traditions of performing arts, who was her mentor, guru and guide since 1972. Until his untimely death in 1998, her development and original work in Odissi was largely due to his guidance. Therefore, as an expression of eternal gratitude, she personally and Centre for Indian Classical Dances started the Jivan Pani Memorial Festival as a tribute to this unassuming man but one rich in knowledge. 6th Feb JIVAN RATANA SAMMAN award to an eminent Guru Shri Banamali Maharana - Aditi Mangaldas, Kathak (Lucknow) - Kalamandalam Gopi, Kathakali (Kerala) 7th Feb Swapana Sundari, Vilasini Natyam (Andhra Pradesh) - Pallavi Saran Gujral, Bharatanatyam (Tamil Nadu) At: India Habitat Centre Info:

Sri Aurobindo Ashram -Delhi Branch founded on 12 Feb 1956. The Mother had once called the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry a veritable laboratory to ...

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