August 18, 2016

Application of Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga philosophy to pedagogy

144th birth anniversary of Aurobindo celebrated

Business Standard-14-Aug-2016
The 144th birth anniversary of saint philosopher Aurobindo was today celebrated with a large number people from various parts of the country ...

How to be Guided by the Divine Will — The Mother, Sri Aurobindo ...

The Free Press Journal-16-Aug-2016
You have a will and you can offer that will. Take the example of becoming conscious of your nights. If you take the attitude of passive surrender, ...

Young @ 70: Seven artists and authors who inspired India

News Nation-16-Aug-2016
Sri Aurobindo Ghosh was one of the pioneers of political awakening in India. He edited the English daily Bande Mataram and wrote fearless and pointed ...

How to be Guided by the Divine Will — The Mother, Sri Aurobindo ...

The Free Press Journal-16-Aug-2016
You have a will and you can offer that will. Take the example of becoming conscious of your nights. If you take the attitude of passive surrender, you would say, ...

Freedom within freedom

The Asian Age-14-Aug-2016
Similarly, Sri Aurobindo Ghose wrote: “By liberty we mean… to grow to our natural self-fulfilment, to find out naturally and freely our harmony with our ...

BJP doesn't get it: Kashmiri youth want azadi, even if it means ...

Did she not see something closer home or more relevant than Sri Lanka and ... from Bengal like Ramakrishn Paramhans, Swami Vivekanand, Sri Aurobindo ...

The Messenger of Future

Daily Excelsior-06-Aug-2016
It is a well known fact that Sri Aurobindo contributed a lot in the independence of India but his infinite efforts for the upliftment of humanity are still unknown to ...

An ode to India's forgotten heritage

Swami Vivekananda now merits only 26 words. And Sri Aurobindo has been expunged. It is time to read Danino and support the mission of scholars like him.

Remembering Khudiram Bose: A Boy Martyr That India Doesn't Know About
... year old Bose was heavily influenced and inspired by Aurobindo Ghosh, a veteran freedom fighter and later known as spiritual leader Sri Aurobindo.
12-13-14-15 August program
12-13-14-15 AUGUST 2016 PROGRAM. 12-08-2016 (Friday). 08:15 am @ Meditation Hall. Special Assembly to pay homage to Rev. Chachaji by ...
Central University of Odisha organised Lecture on Swaraj and the Divided Republic: Sri ...
Mohanty reflected lights on the life of Sri Aurobindo and briefed about the Swaraj movement from Tilak toSri Aurobindo's. While exploring the dream of ...
Sri Aurobindo's Vision of Integral Human Development: Designing a Future Discipline of Study
This book explores the integral vision of human development contained in the original works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It delves into multiple ...
CUO-HAL Distinguished Lecture 'Swaraj and the Divided Republic: Sri Aurobindo's Dream of a ...
While exploring the dream of Sri Aurobindo he said “Sri Aurobindo must has to be credited for the concept of Poorna Swaraj or Complete freedom and ...
Homage paid to Aurobindo on his birth anniversary
A large number of people from different parts of the country and abroad today visited the Sri AurobindoAshram here to pay homage to the celebrated ...
Towards freedom
Sri Aurobindo, an extremist, came in contact with Sister Nivedita while conducting his political activity from behind the scenes. He made her a member ...
Why Indian literature holds the key to the vexatious nationalism debate
A similar debate took place in 1909, when revolutionary-turned-philosopher Sri Aurobindo responded to Surendranath Banerji's idea of nationalism as ...
Celebrating the spirit of freedom
Other than to mark the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, the guiding spirit ... The passionate advocate of freedom that he was, Sri Aurobindo had ...
Rare honour for academic from city
An alumnus of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Mr. Mohanty, who earlier served the University of Hyderabad among other institutions, ...
Credit must be given to the highly influential and widely revered Sri Aurobindo Ashram, in the heart of White Town, for beginning the fight for this ...
Things go better with a forest, says this family
... with her daughters, said the land would be transformed in five years with help from Puducherry's Auroville Foundation and Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
Intelligence Training: From Mind to Supermind
The word supermind — literally “above the ordinary mind” — originates from the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. To Aurobindo, this was a future stage in ...
Children must be taught country's history: Bedi
While other portions of India had been witnessing violence, Puducherry remained peaceful and the credit also went to Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the ...

[PDF] Aurobindo's Supermind, Teilhard's Omega Point, and Plato's Doctrine of Recollection

RF Mullen
Abstract The concept of recollection as proposed by Socrates in the Meno is Plato's 
proposition that humanity's access to “hidden secrets” is provided by divine allowance via 
the deathless human soul. There is no stultifying cognitive disconnect between the ...

[PDF] Revisiting the Calendar Tradition of Ancient India

BNN Achar - Indian Journal of History of Science, 2016
... This is the outer ritual, but there is a deep inner significance to this ritual, which is not easily
understood, as has been emphasized by Aurobindo (1971). ... Sri Aurobindo. The secret of the Veda,
Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, 1971. Fig. 2. ks in all the Vedas. ...

[PDF] Narendra to Swami Vivekananda: A perspective

A Singh - IJAR, 2016
... 5. Ibid. 6. CW 2, 365 7. Singh YK. Philosophical Foundation of Education. New Delhi: APH
Publishing Corporation, 2007, 233. 8. Pani SP, Pattnaik SK. Vivekananda, Aurobindo
and Gandhi on Education. New Delhi: Anmol Publications PVT. ...

Cultural Evolution: Past, Present and Futures

JM Gidley - Postformal Education, 2016
... examples of the features of the new consciousness—based on almost two decades of
transdisciplinary research—provide a significant “academic footnote” to the extensive research
on the evolution of consciousness undertaken by Steiner and Sri Aurobindo some decades ...

Postformal in Education: Beyond the Formal Factory Model

JM Gidley - Postformal Education, 2016
... The opening words of Maria Montessori were cited by Miller as a pointer to the consciously
evolutionary nature of the idealist form of education that she, Steiner, Aurobindo and John
Dewey tried to reclaim from industrialism in the early 20th century. ...

Pedagogical Love: An Evolutionary Force

JM Gidley - Postformal Education, 2016
... Much of what is referred to today as integral education has arisen from the application of Sri
Aurobindo's integral yoga philosophy to pedagogy. ... The integral approach emphasised in the
special issue arose from Sri Aurobindo's epistemology of knowledge, action and love. ...

Postformal in Psychology: Beyond Piaget's Formal Operations

JM Gidley - Postformal Education, 2016
... Arlin, PK (1975). Cognitive development in adulthood: A fifth stage? Developmental Psychology,
11(5), 602–606.CrossRef. Aurobindo, S. (1914/2000). The life divine (2nd American Edition)
(Originally published in the monthly review Arya 1914–1920). Twin Lakes: Lotus Press. ...

Psychological Development: Child and Adolescent

JM Gidley - Postformal Education, 2016
... These include Steiner's pedagogical theories, which have paral- lels with the
approaches of Piaget, Erikson and Kohlberg, and the educational approaches initiated
by Maria Montessori in Italy and Aurobindo's followers in India. ...

Pedagogical Wisdom: A Creative Force

JM Gidley - Postformal Education, 2016
... Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga with its threefold path of knowledge, love and action and the integral
education model inspired by it is also aligned. Wilber's Big Three—based on Plato's Truth, Beauty
and Goodness— represent similar archetypes (Wilber 1995/2000). ...

[PDF] Assessment of developmental level of school going boys of age 13 and 14 years of Punjab state

L Singh - 2016
... Eur. J Pediatr. 1998; 157(10):798-80. 14. Virani N. Growth patterns and secular trends over
four decades in the dynamics of height growth of Indian boys and girls in Sri Aurobindo Ashram:
A Cohort study. Annals of Human Biology, 2005; 32:3:259-282. 15. ...

Evolving Education: Pre-formal and Formal

JM Gidley - Postformal Education, 2016
... the world as a global society. The imperative to actually educate for conscious
evolution was pioneered early last century (Aurobindo 1914/2000; Montessori 1973;
Steiner 1909/1965, 1976). Although awareness of the role of ...

A Boundary-Crossing Dialogue of Postformal Futures

JM Gidley - Postformal Education, 2016
... To refresh your memory on the parallels between the three approaches, see Chapter 2: Table
2.1. Several other theorists also take an evolu- tionary—or phylogenetic—view of human culture
(Aurobindo 1914/2000; Barfield 1985; Habermas 1979; Jantsch 1981). ...

Postformal Education

JM Gidley
... I wish to acknowledge the influence of some of the brightest lights of last century: especially Rudolf
Steiner, Jean Gebser and Sri Aurobindo for the gift of their inspirational integral evolutionary
ideas; Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and Gilles Deleuze for their spiritual ...

The Collected Writings of Jaysankar Lal Shaw: Indian Analytic and Anglophone Philosophy

JL Shaw - 2016

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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