August 07, 2016

Three melodious song offerings

Three melodious song offerings

annaiyin arulkodai om namo bagavathe!!!!!!

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Uploaded on Mar 30, 2009 annai slide show with her photos and blessing cards a video from pramid saimira productions during itz launch of "thaai" audio release. for annai mirra devotees like me!!

actually this video is not prepared by me..........i got this video with one of the audio release based on mother....i uploaded this video to make all mother devotees freshened with these lyrics, music and her picture carnival.....that photo of paul richard is not my fault.....but thanks for information...
The whole song brings forward a deep sense of adoration and devotion. Let us drink deep for a few moments the rasa of Her life and be immersed into it ; for nothing is denied to Her true devotee !
2) I remember vaguely the cake-ceremony, - Champaklal-ji had showed me the photograph in Mother 's hand as' Supramental Action'. However, on the whole a very uplifting video ! (part -2) Thanks, Srikant.
This is one of the finest videos that I have seen on the Divine Mother ! When we were doing our exhibition on the life of Mother in 1973, Tehmi -ben had said, ' Let us start with series of beautiful photographs of the Mother in the small room so that a deep and profound atmosphere is created' -right in the beginning. Two things may be avoided : 1) Mother's photo in Japan, - Paul Richard her second husband may be cut. She herself has instructed us. He was an emanation of falsehood .

Sri Aurobindo

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Uploaded on May 11, 2011 A melodious song consecrated to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

My favorite Song of The Mother, Pondicherry

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Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011I consecrate the Prayer song to The Maa, Pondicherry.
Compiled, edited and uploaded by me. Courtesy: Images - Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Flowers of India; Song - Gangai Amaran.

what a great song on mother with pictures of the mother.beautifully tuned by amar alias gangai amaran. a great tribut to mother, mother bless all of us.kumar
Oliyai veesum undanin paarvai --- Your vision is full of light Undan sollil ovvondrum geethai -- Every word that you utter is equivalent to Bhagvad Geeta Vazhiyai kaatum olividum paarvai -- Your vision that shows us our path Vasantham malartha malargalin korvai-- As if a row of freshly blossoming flowers of spring were arranged Un paadam sharaname -- Surrender in thy feet Ennaalum Aanandame-- And everyday becomes happy 
Kannai pola kathidavendum-- Protect me like your eyes Kaalam yaavum kathidavendum-- Protect me all the time Jeevan ennum jothiyil kalandu -- merged in the flame of life Sindai engum deivathin virundu --With divine Thoughts that are divine blessings Kalai maalai iravilum ninaindu -- Thinking of her day noon and night Karunai ennum mazhaiyinil nanaindu -- Getting drained in the rain of your compassion Kankaanum idamellam kalandaval needane -- I can feel your presence everywhere I see.
I have tried translating the lines of this song so that everyone can enjoy the lyrics too. Poetry is such that there may be several meanings to a line. I have tried to directly translate it. If you think there are any more meanings please discuss. Amma amma.. Un aasi vendum ammamma-- Amma, amma.. I need your blessings Anbu Paarvai Arindidavendum-- I need to understand your love Endrum unnai therindida vendum-- I need to remember you every day 
It is well done and has a genuine feeling .

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