November 13, 2005

Herald and pioneer of future man

Sri Aurobindo, 1872-1972; herald and pioneer of future man, a centenary symposium
- London: Sri Aurobindo Society of Great Britain, 1972.- xi, 58 p. port. 23 cm.- NOTES: Limited ed. of 500 copies. Includes bibliographical references.- ISBN: 0950241911
  • Editor's introduction
  • Sri Aurobindo: The teaching of Sri Aurobindo
  • Parish, M.: Sri Aurobindo and his Ashram
  • Basu, A.: Sri Aurobindo's philosophy of evolution
  • Smart, N.: Sri Aurobindo and history
  • Měhling, J.: Auroville and the crisis of our time
  • The Mother: A force greater than the mind
  • Schnapper, E.: The old and the new
  • Sri Aurobindo: A new and larger synthesis
  • Davies, D.: Facets of integration
  • Mukherjee, P.: The man who never smiled
  • Kleinman, R.: The concept of an integral absolute in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy
  • Sri Aurobindo: Man has to exceed himself

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