November 05, 2005

New Race

A Journal of Integral Studies
New Race - a name selected by the Mother - is a journal that seeks to promote Sri Aurobindo's vision of the future in the context of other insights and their relevance to the present day world. It maintains that Truth is a common human heritage and therefore eschews all parochial, fundamentalist and sectarian approaches. It fosters the primacy of individual freedom, social harmony and human unity. Above all, it stands for the progressive spiritualisation of mankind - a spirituality that subsumes and does not negate Matter and material life.
Sri Aurobindo Darshan : The University of Tomorrow is an online teaching facility offering higher education equivalent programmes dedicated to the ideals and vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Here, learners from all over the world can devote themselves to the knowledge of the truth of tomorrow, following Certificate, M.A. and Ph.D. equivalent programmes of study. The University seeks to consecrate itself to the discovery and practice of the fundamental principles of a new society that embodies and expresses a new consciousness. It has drawn together scholars throughout the world to facilitate its programmes and to guide learners and scholars in their study, research, and creative work related to these ideals.
The founder of the University, Professor V. Madhusudhan Reddy, had written out five objectives for this visionary project:
  • 1. Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow will be our homage of aspiration and service, of love and consecration to Sri Aurobindo’s sublime vision of the Future.
  • 2. wants to be an international center of education with a soul.
  • 3. will be a place for true and living education, of endless search for Truth and its progressive manifestation and creative expression.
  • 4. will be a place of integral and future studies where seekers from all parts of the world can devote themselves wholly to the knowledge of the Truth of Tomorrow.
  • 5. wants to consecrate itself faithfully and completely to the discovery and practice of the fundamental principles of a New Society embodying and expressing the New Consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo Darshan: The University of Tomorrow, is a project of the Sri Aurobindo Centre of Advanced Research (S.A.C.A.R.), located in Pondicherry, India. S.A.C.A.R. is a Charitable Trust sponsored by the Institute of Human Study (I.H.S.), Hyderabad. Its objective is intensive research into human issues: social, cultural, and psychological, from a spiritual perspective, to find new paradigms that can help solve problems in these areas.

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