November 17, 2005

Perspectives on Sri Aurobindo’s Poetry, Plays and Criticism

Edited by Amrita Paresh Patel and Jaydipsinh K. Dodiya
New Delhi, Sarup & Sons, 2002, x, 148 p., ISBN 81-7625-263-8.
Contents: Preface.
  • 1. Spacio-temporal transcendence in: Sri Aurobindo’s Sonnets/S. Ramaswamy.
  • 2. Mystical perspective of Sri Aurobindo’s short poems/Kaivalya Smart.
  • 3. Savitri—as an epic/D.S. Mishra.
  • 4. Savitri—its verse, diction, style and imagery/D.S. Mishra.
  • 5. The theme of love in Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri/R. Saraswathi.
  • 6. The concept of death in Sri Aurobindo/R. Saraswathi.
  • 7. The poetic contour and context of Sri Aurobindo/Gajendra Kumar.
  • 8. Sri Aurobindo’s poetry : a journey from ‘Sicilian Olive Groves’ to the shores of the Ganges’/Uday Shankar Ojha.
  • 9. Sri Aurobindo’s plays and the principles of classicism/Amrita Paresh Patel.
  • 10. Sri Aurobindo’s dramatic romance rodogune: a study/Amrita Paresh Patel.
  • 11. Sri Aurobindo’s idealistic interpretation of the history of poetry in the Future poetry/Jagidhschandra Dave.
  • 12. Sri Aurobindo’s poetics/D.S. Mishra.
  • 13. An interpretation of Sri Aurobindo’s critical opinions in the Future Poetry/H. Kalpana.
  • 14. Sri Aurobindo : a poet-critic of prophetic dimensions/Gajendra Kumar.

"Sri Aurobindo’s undeniable greatness provides inspiration to publish the present anthology of research articles. It aims at demonstrating the genius of Sri Aurobindo by treating his work under three categories: (1) His poetry, (2) his plays, and (3) his literary criticism as it has appeared in The Future Poetry. The book, it is hoped, will create in the readers not only an interest in his literary work, but also an awareness about his message of integralism and its continued relevance for all times." (jacket)

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