September 21, 2007

How to view the exponential evolution of scientific and technological advance in the light of Sri Aurobindo

Re: Rather Acrimonious (and a hiatus)
by Rich on Thu 20 Sep 2007 03:34 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
and darn it, I missed all the fireworks, I certainly would have liked to have added on a few of Sri Kanth’s colorful adjectives to my title of Texas Millenarian Fanatic, which Jyotirmaya Sharma bestowed upon me. The origins of this battle all go back to my taking strong exception to both the ideological oriented right (Sri Kanth, Kittu Reddy) and the ideologically driven left for (Jyotirmaya Sharma) appropriating Sri Aurobindo in terms of being a champion of the present day Hindutva movement.
In the context of Sri Aurobndo's writing I think I have demonstrated quite conclusively that to characterize it as being representative of the agenda of present day Hinduvta is misleading and flat out false. The Ideal of Human Unity, The Human Cycle, and Sri Aurobindo's other socio-political thought silences these interpretations. Richard Hartz puts it well not Hindutva but Ekatva should be the ldeal
The commonality of responses from both those on the right SK and the left JS to launch personal attacks on me, rather than to simply argue their perspectives in response to my critique speaks volumes about the precariousness of their position.
Let me also be clear that although I make numerous references to Sri Aurobindo's text my post and comments on science and culture have also been colored by my own interpretations and world view. In fact, my own belief is that all readings of Sri Aurobindo or anyone else for that matter will be colored by individual interpretations. So the fact that one presents ones own interpretations should never be a matter to reject any comment out of hand. However, in my opinion the ability to justify ones interpretations with critical argument that is rationally sound is the only proper way to ensure a communicative platform that advances the interest of arriving at any truth claims.
At any rate SCIY has been an interesting experiment in offering multiple and sometimes competing interpretations of where to locate Integral Yoga in the context of contemporary planetary culture, and how to view the exponential evolution of scientific and technological advance in the light of Sri Aurobindo. Its been a very engaging platform and I have much appreciated everyones efforts.
This will be my last post for awhile, as in addition to the current acrimony, I've been reminded that the time has come to address some other commitments. So at least a hiatus is in order from the Blogzine for some time (Although I still look forward to working on some related issues with Ron) Thanks to you Rakesh for your thoughtful comments and of course to Deshpande, Debashish, and Ron for all your efforts, insights and enlightening scholarship on this project. as always my email is and can be contacted at this address namaste rich

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